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How to enable Secure Boot for Valorant

How to enable Secure Boot for Valorant

Valorant might be on the same tier as CS2 for most people, but the one thing it has over Valve’s FPS is that it handles cheating much better. Most of this is thanks to Vanguard, which is Riot’s own anti-cheating service that has been able to do its work well so far. However, one of the requirements for this anti-cheat is enabling Secure Boot.

Today, we’re here to go through everything you need to know about enabling Secure Boot in Valorant. This includes explaining what this feature is and how you can enable it. Naturally, since there are two possible methods to enable secure boot, we’ll be exploring both of them to ensure you can start playing Valorant without any problem.

So, without any further ado, here’s how you can enable Secure Boot for Valorant. Since you’re likely enabling secure boot for the first time, there’s a good chance you’re playing Valorant for the first time. If so, we highly recommend you have a professional coach from Eloking give you the good old beginner crash course. Between you and us, you can even use the code “BoostToday” for a 20% discount.

How to enable Secure Boot

Video game character advancing toward a fantastical castle with a security alert popup on screen

Enabling Secure Boot might be tricky for those who don’t have a lot of knowledge about computers considering we’ll be going into your motherboard’s BIOS, but don’t worry! We’ll try to explain this as simply as you can so you can get in and out of there as quickly as possible. Here’s what you need to do:

Method 1: Through Windows Diagnostics

Screenshot of Windows Advanced Options for system recovery

There are multiple ways you can do this. The first and simple method you can do is through Windows directly. Go into your Windows power options and, while holding shift, press the restart button.

This combination should take you to the Windows diagnostics page, where you should select the troubleshooting option. After that, select UEFI Firmware settings. Once you do all of these, your system should restart and lead you to your motherboard’s BIOS.

Method 2: Through the motherboard BIOS

Screenshot of UEFI BIOS Utility displaying Secure Boot settings

Another way to get to your motherboard’s BIOS is by using the BIOS key. It all depends from vendor to vendor, but all you need to do is restart your computer and then hold a specific key while it’s booting up so you get into the menu. Here are the keys used by some of the most popular manufacturers. 

Again, this all depends from vendor to vendor, but almost everyone should have a specific BOOT menu, where you can find an option for Secure Boot. Remember, you need to disable CSM support first if you want to use Secure boot and that Windows is using a UEFI partition instead of legacy.

Sometimes, like on Gigabyte Motherboards, enabling Secure Boot doesn’t work. To fix that, you must repeatedly enable and disable Secure Boot until its system mode changes from setup to deployed/user.

Confirm Secure Boot is enabled

All that’s left is to check if Secure Boot is working. Log into your Windows account and search for System Information. Once you open that, there should be a Secure Boot State option in the left column in System Summary. If it says On, then you’ve successfully enabled Secure Boot.

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Why do you need Secure Boot in Valorant?

To put it simply, it’s a way for Vanguard to trust your PC and make it known that no malicious or hacking software is running in the background. Enabling Secure Boot is essential alongside having TPM if you’re on a system that’s using Windows 11.

What does Secure Boot do?

Enabling Secure Boot makes it so that there are no rootkits running on your PC. Rootkits are a kind of malware that runs in the core of your operating system and can make changes to your system and control it without your knowledge or consent. It also prevents the loading of malicious software before the operation system itself.

Besides the fact that Secure Boot limits you to recent hardware, there are almost no downsides to enabling it.

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