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How to Import Crosshairs in CS2

How to Import Crosshairs in CS2

A good crosshair can make a world of difference in a game like CS2. As a matter of fact, we believe this honestly applies to every single FPS game, especially if it's an online one. However, not everyone's able to make a custom crosshair that suits their personal needs and tastes. Fortunately, there's a way players can simply import crosshairs.

Importing crosshairs used to be rather difficult in the past, but it's very straightforward now. All you have to do is launch CS2 and go to the crosshair settings. Here, you'll see an option to 'import or share crosshair code'. You want to click this option and then paste the code of the crosshair you want to import.

We'll be giving an in depth guide today on how you can import crosshairs in CS2. 

How Do You Import Crosshairs in CS2

CSGO crosshair import screen showing settings and code input

Importing crosshairs in CS2 is honestly as easy as can be. Still, many players assume it's impossible to do it, just like how they assume removing stickers in CS2 is impossible. However, to make the process even more simpler, we'll be going through everything in a step by step fashion.

Step 1. Find a Suitable Crosshair

Now, of course, you can't import a crosshair in CS2 if there's no crosshair in mind, right? Therefore, the first step for importing a crosshair is to find one that you really want. Now, you can find suitable crosshairs from many places, but if you want the best ones stick around till the end. This is because we'll be going through the crosshairs of some of the most notable streamers and players in the game.

Once you've found a suitable crosshair, there should also be a code for that crosshair. To be more specific, it'll be a code that reads "CS2" followed by a combination of 25 numbers and alphabets. We highly recommend you save the code down somewhere because you'll be needing it in just a bit.

Step 2. Go to Crosshair Settings

Screenshot of video game interface settings, showing options for radar and crosshair customization

With the crosshair code saved, you'll want to now launch CS2. Get far enough until you reach the main menu, after which you want to click on the settings option. In settings, look for the 'crosshair' option and click it to be brought to a screen where you can adjust your crosshair and make a custom crosshair.

Don't worry about all of those options, because you won't be making your own crosshair. Instead, what you want to click on is the "share or import crosshair code" option which will be at the very top of all the options.

Step 3. Import the Crosshair

As soon as you click on the "share or import crosshair code" option, you'll be given a text box where you can type whatever you want. We're sure most of you can get where we're going with this. You want to paste the crosshair code that you saved before in this text box and then click on 'import'.

That's it, the crosshair you wanted will not be imported and you'll be able to use the exact same crosshair whenever you want.

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Old Means of Importing Crosshairs

Before the inclusion of the crosshair code system and the release of CS2, players had to struggle a lot to get the crosshairs of their choice in CS:GO. Back then, there were two things players could do if they wanted to import a custom crosshair.

The first thing they could have done is to manually insert the file including the custom crosshair they wanted to import directly into CS:GO's directory. As you can imagine, this process was a major pain, but the second method wasn't all that better either. Those who didn't manually use the crosshair's file were forced to use third party software and applications to give themselves the custom crosshair they wanted.

The inclusion of the crosshair code system is an excellent one, and it's great that Valve is actually listening to what the player base wants.

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