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League of Legends: Volibear Receives Massive Buffs

League of Legends: Volibear Receives Massive Buffs

League of Legends' formidable bear champion, Volibear, is set to roar back into prominence with the latest patch 14.4. These significant buffs are poised to reshape the landscape of Summoner's Rift, potentially solidifying Volibear's position as a dominant force in the game's ever-evolving meta. 

Volibear is set to receive substantial enhancements across his abilities. His Q ability undergoes a significant increase in movement speed, while the cooldown of his E is notably reduced. Additionally, the Ultimate is getting a massive cooldown buff which will make Volibear a force to be reckoned with.

So without further delay, let us wrap our heads around these changes and how they will affect Volibear's presence on the Rift.

Increased Q Movement Speed

Intense mid-lane battle scene in an online multiplayer game

The movement speed bonus on Volibear's Q sees a remarkable boost, scaling from 12% to 32% at max rank. This enhancement in mobility grants Volibear greater maneuverability, enabling him to close the gap on enemies or escape precarious situations with increased efficiency.

This buff particularly helps jungle Volibear, as it allows him to cover the map faster. In addition the bonus movement speed allows Volibear to catch laners off-guard and boosts the success ratio of ganks. If you want to learn how to gank effectively with Volibear you can also read A Beginner Guide to Ganking in League of Legends S14

Reduced E Cooldown

Volibear's E cooldown is getting slashed from 13 seconds to 12 seconds. This seemingly modest reduction can have a substantial impact, especially in prolonged engagements or when attempting multiple ganks within a short timeframe. The improved uptime on this ability enhances Volibear's crowd control potential and overall effectiveness in skirmishes.

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Massive Reduction in R Cooldown

Volibear's ult undergoes a significant cooldown reduction, with a staggering 30-second decrease at rank one. This adjustment dramatically amplifies Volibear's effectiveness in teamfights and skirmishes, empowering him to deploy his devastating ultimate more frequently and with unparalleled impact.

This change also boosts Volibear's capability to split push and demolish turrets as his R also deals damage to turrets. This can make Volibear an imminent threat when it comes to getting backdoored.

Turret Disabled Duration Adjustments

To balance out the massive reduction in R cooldown, the duration of Volibear's turret disable effect has been reduced. Previously scaling from 3 to 5 seconds, it now scales from 2 to 4 seconds. While this may seem like a minor tweak, it leaves Volibear with a smaller window to ensure the success of tower dives. 

Implications and Expectations

Many notable top laners had benched Volibear as he had been feeling under-tuned for a while now. With these substantial buffs, Volibear is poised to reclaim his status as a formidable force on the Rift. The enhanced mobility, reduced cooldowns, and adjusted turret disable duration synergize to amplify Volibear's strengths as a frontline bruiser and disruptor.

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The buffs bestowed upon Volibear in patch 14.4 have the potential to elevate the champion to new heights of power and influence in League of Legends. Players can anticipate seeing more of the Thunder's Roar on the battlefield as Volibear enthusiasts embrace these significant improvements to their beloved champion's kit.

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