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Rocket League: How To Get Fennec

Rocket League: How To Get Fennec

Rocket League has a high number of cars and bodies that players can acquire through multiple means. While some of those cars are crossovers with popular IPs, others are related to the real world or are at least based on cars you might find in the real world. However, one of the most popular cars in the game is definitely the Fennec.

Today, we're here to go through everything you need to know about getting the Fennec in Rocket League. This includes how you can get it, what it is, and how you can get the blueprints for this specific vehicle body.

So, if you're interested in getting your hands on the Fennec, you're in the perfect place since that's what we're here to do right now, If you want to flex the Fennec while getting some insane wins then we recommend playing alongside a booster from Eloking. Just remember to use the code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount.

What makes Fennec such a big deal?

Rocket League: How To Get Fennec - Image 1

Fennec is one of the most sought-after vehicle bodies. Using this vehicle does not add any advantage to the gameplay, but the demands are high. There are two main reasons for this. Fennec has a basic but beautiful design, similar to the hatchbacks of the 80s and 90s. It just looks good to play with. Most pro players use it when competing. 

The other reason is its hitbox. It has the same hitbox as Octane. Most players prefer this hitbox due to the optimal balance of height, width, and length. Using a Fennec might not result in a boost, but this ride just looks too good. Its rarity and the fact that it has an Octane hitbox add to the craze.

Acquiring and using this vehicle does not make the gameplay any more fun in a technical sense, but using it adds a feel and fun to the game. Fennec has become iconic as more and more players use it in competitive tournaments, streams, and online matches.  All the methods we're about to go through enable players to win a Fennec, but the rarity and low chances make this vehicle highly desirable.

Acquiring Fennec is just as hard as it is popular. Players can use the following methods to unlock this rare beast:

Buy from the item shop

Buying a Fennec from the item shop is the easiest way to get one. You will have to wait for it to be on sale. Since its arrival on the first of July 2019, this vehicle has been available for sale three times. The player must have 500 credits and wait for Fennec to go on sale. That is the only way to buy one.

Default Fennec sells for 500 credits, but rare variations of Fennec go for a couple of hundred credits more than that. Players can earn credits by progressing through premium passes or purchasing them for real money.

You can get one from drops

Rocket League: How To Get Fennec - Image 2

Getting a Fennec in a drop is possible, but like other methods, chances are low. Players can get drops by completing weekly challenges, ranking up, or completing free tiers of Rocket Pass. There are uncommon, rare, very rare, and import drops. You can unlock Fennec by acquiring rare, very rare, and import drops.

Getting a drop might seem easy, and players have used this method to get a Fennec, but chances are almost slim to none. Trying doesn't hurt, as this method is free of cost, and anyone can get lucky.

Use Blueprints to craft one

Players receive blueprints after each match or from drops. Winning a blueprint for the rare Fennec is also possible. Using this item and the required amount of credits, players can craft a Fennec. Getting a blueprint for Fennec, similar to all the other methods, depends on luck. Once you have the blueprint, credits are needed to craft the vehicle, so this method is not free. 

You can get one through Trade-in

Trade in is an in-game feature that enables the player to trade five non-crate items of the same rarity to get a random item from the next higher rarity. Trade-in is a good way of getting rid of unwanted items and trying for something more valuable, or players can risk it all with more valued items to try for a Fennec. Just remember, even in this method, chances are slim.
Players can trade in blueprints, drops, and items acquired from challenges and competitive tournaments. Winning a Fennec through this method is also possible, though if you aren't able to trade in Rocket League then we have you covered.

What’s next?

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