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TenZ talks about whether he likes Valorant or CS2 more

TenZ talks about whether he likes Valorant or CS2 more

TenZ, also known as Sen TenZ, is arguably one of the most popular Valorant players of all time. Considered the face of Valorant by many and the reason so many players got into the game in the first place, it’s understandable that his opinion matters a lot for many players. This is why it’s a big deal when he gives his opinion on a debate that has been going on for years.

TenZ recently gave his two cents on which game he preferred between CS2 and Valorant. Since both FPS games are popular and beloved by their respective fandoms, the Valorant player’s opinion got one side of the fanbase extremely riled up while the other half couldn’t be any happier.

So, without further ado, let us go through what TenZ had to say about the comparison between CS2 and Valorant. Regardless of which game you prefer, Eloking has you covered with our Valorant boosting and CS2 boosting services. You can use the code “BoostToday” for either to get a 20% discount too.

TenZ talks about CS2 being more fun than Valorant


Young man making a thoughtful expression at an event


It doesn't matter what side you're on, if you play either one of these games, then you know who TenZ is. Just yesterday, the popular Streamer/YouTuber recently came out with his verdict, talking about his opinion on why CS2 is more fun than Valorant. He gets into the nitty-gritty of both games, talking about why CS2 is “fundamentally better” than Valorant on a technical scale. 

“I like the mechanical aspect in CS, and it felt like every single day you could get better at something mechanically, and that was a really appealing aspect of the game.” - TenZ

While subjective, it's also partially a fact that the learning curve on CS is a lot steeper. Mechanics like gun control, movement, and rotation take a lot more time to master, and the absence of character abilities allows players to dive deeper into the core of the basics. While he mentions that the margin for creativity in gameplay is better in Valorant, the fundamentals of CS2 leave Valorant in the dust. 

“In my entire time playing CS grinding up to become a pro player, became a pro player, I have probably gotten running or jumping headshot less times than a singular game of Valorant in my life”. What he’s referring to is landing a headshot on an enemy while catching them mid-air or on the move. In CS2, it's a lot harder to pull this off as it requires an insane amount of precision and luck, kinda like threading a needle while riding a rollercoaster.

In Valorant though, game mechanics are a lot more forgiving while you’re on the move, plus, some agent abilities can create more openings for those epic shots. As TenZ mentions, due to this mechanic, it's a lot harder to get random kills in CS2 than Valorant and a lot of players seem to agree with his opinion. 

Why do CS2 and Valorant get compared?


Futuristic battle scene with characters in combat


Naturally, these two games get talked about together, especially since both fall under the same umbrella of competitive first-person shooters. It's like looking at two siblings with similar interests but different styles. 

Counter-Strike 2, and its predecessors, have always been about that classy fast-paced shooting action. It keeps things simple, making players focus on the core mechanics of a shooting game, like precise aiming, recoil control, strategy, and map knowledge. Valorant on the other hand, borrows some elements from Counter-Strike, but adds a cool twist to the traditional shooter formula. It also brings a whole new vibe by incorporating aspects from overwatch, such as the unique character abilities. 

That's not to say the two games don't have some fundamental differences that set them apart, though. Valorant throws in character abilities that shake up the game plan, adding a layer of extra strategy to the game. On the other hand, Counter-Strike retains its charm with its simple yet naturally complex gameplay, which takes years for players to truly master. It's like comparing pizzas and burgers, both are tasty but it depends on what you crave.


Is CS2 better than Valorant?

While they differ, it's all about what floats your boat. If you prefer a traditional skill-based shooter with a steep learning curve, and the feeling of being rewarded for your hard work grinding, then CS2 is for you. But if you’re into the idea of mixing gun plays with character abilities with a more casual playstyle, you’ll prefer Valorant. What it comes down to is what you look for in a game. 


What’s next?

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