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League of Legends: New Kennen Quality of Life Changes

League of Legends: New Kennen Quality of Life Changes

Small but impactful adjustments have been made to everyone's favorite lightning yordle, Kennen, bringing about a significant enhancement to his gameplay experience. This lightning ball hasn’t gotten a lot of attention from Riot in a while, which is why Kennen mains are quite excited to see these new quality of life improvements.  

These changes particularly pertain to his E (Lightning Rush) and the ultimate (Slicing Maelstrom). An AOE range indicator has been added to his E, while the ultimate got its wind-down animation removed, offering Kennen mains a much smoother and more dynamic playstyle. 

Let us look at these changes in detail and assess their impact on Kennen's engagements on the Rift.

E Range Indicator: Enhancing Precision

E Range Indicator

One of the notable improvements comes in the form of a range indicator for Kennen's E ability. This indicator, visible when hovering over the skill, provides players with a clear understanding of the AOE range. While seemingly subtle, this addition enhances Kennen players' ability to gauge their positioning and execute precise engagements, ensuring they make the most of this electrifying ability.

Ultimate Animation Overhaul

Ultimate Animation Overhaul

The true game-changer lies in the overhaul of Kennen's ultimate ability animation. Previously, when casting his ultimate, Kennen would halt momentarily to perform a wind-down animation before the activation of the ability. However, with the latest PBE patch, this wind-down animation has been completely removed. 

Now, Kennen can seamlessly cast his ultimate while moving or engaging in other actions without any interruption.

This seemingly minor alteration has profound implications for Kennen's gameplay. No longer constrained by the brief pause for the wind-down animation, Kennen can swiftly unleash his ultimate while on the move. This newfound fluidity not only enhances Kennen's ability to engage and disengage but also minimizes the clunkiness often associated with casting his ult.

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Impact on Gameplay

The removal of the wind-down animation significantly streamlines Kennen's engagement pattern. Players can now seamlessly integrate the use of their E ability to close the gap with opponents, followed by immediate activation of Kennen's ultimate while maintaining momentum. This enables Kennen to swiftly reach his targets, initiate team fights, or escape precarious situations with unparalleled agility.

Furthermore, this enhancement synergizes exceptionally well with Kennen's core item, the Hextech Rocket Belt. With the ability to seamlessly combine the Rocket Belt, E, and ultimate without any interruptions, Kennen gains unparalleled versatility and burst potential, further solidifying his position as a formidable force on the battlefield.

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In essence, what may appear as a mere quality of life adjustment proves to be a substantial buff for Kennen mains. The newfound fluidity and flexibility in casting his ultimate empower players to maximize Kennen's potential, facilitating more dynamic and impactful gameplay experiences.

These quality of life changes not only enhance Kennen's individual performance but also contribute to elevating the overall gameplay experience for those who wield the power of lightning on the Rift. As Kennen charges into battle with renewed vigor, one thing is certain: the storm has never been more electrifying.

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