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When will the VCT: Game Changers Championship 2023 start?

When will the VCT: Game Changers Championship 2023 start?

With the massive success of 2022's Game Changers' initiative event included in the Valorant Champions Tour - featuring G2 Gozens' triumphant run to 1st place. Riot Games announced the return of VCT Game Changers, back in March. Presently, with all the hype piling up for this exclusive All-female event, the action is right at our doorstep.

VCT23: Game Changers will commence on the 28th of November and last over 6 days of invigorating action. Subsequently, the finals will be held on the eve of 3rd December. This time Brazil will be hosting the event in the beautiful city of Sao Paulo, inside the glamorous Arena CBLOL. With no more than a month remaining, the girls are gearing up for the big stage - aspiring to make the prestigious trophy their own. 

But before we get there, let's talk about what really sets this tournament apart from the regular Valorant events.

Valorant Champions Tour: Game Changers

Group of trendy young friends posing together with playful hand gestures


The Game Changers event was first introduced back in 2021, as a revolutionary development in Valorant Esports. The event was designed to bring a fresh change to the male-dominated Esports scene. With the main idea of promoting gender diversity and encouraging marginalized genders in competitive valorant gaming. Providing a safe space for female gamers to compete and improve their skill set.

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Last year, the reception and enthusiasm from the Valorant community lit up the Game Changers' event - as the world's top teams faced off to earn the title of world champions. With one pumped-up game after another, ultimately the winning strike came from G2 Gozen as they took down Shopify Rebellion GC in the finals. With the enormous success last year, this year's hype is going to be unmatched. 

Game Changers' 2023: Format

The tournament will follow a double-elimination bracket with 8 teams kicking off the event with 4 Upper bracket encounters. Each team will have one more chance in the lower bracket after losing an upper bracket match. The teams will qualify for the event after clearing their respective regional events (e.g. EMEA series 3, NA circuit points, etc). The number of team slots allocated to each region is illustrated below:

Graph displaying regional slots distribution for VCT 2023 Game Changers


The 8 qualified teams going head-to-head this year are as follows:

  1. BBL Queens (EMEA)
  2. G2 Gozen (EMEA)
  3. Evil Geniuses GC (NA)
  4. Version 1 (NA)
  5. Team Liquid Brazil (BR)
  6. KRU Blaze (LATAM)
  7. Team SMG (APAC)
  8. Chao Hui EDG (East Asia)
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Game Changers' 2023: Prize Pool

Riot tends to feature substantial prize pools for game changers' events to encourage participation and support for female players and teams. While the exact figure of this year's prize pool is still shrouded in mystery, we can get a decent estimation from last year's winner prize pools. Let us take a look:


Prize ($ USD)

1st  $180,000
2nd $110,000
3rd $80,000
4th $50,000

How can you attend the VCT: Game Changers event?

All the latest information related to the venue and tickets for the event will be shared as the event draws near. Follow the following accounts to stay up-to-date on the event:

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