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Force Buy: What is Force Buying in CS2 and CS:GO?

In the context of the video games CS:GO and its successor, CS2, "force buying" refers to a strategic decision made by a team to spend their in-game money on weapons, armor, and equipment. They do this even when they do not have enough money to buy what they need for a standard round.

This typically occurs when a team is low on money or facing a disadvantage in terms of rounds won. You could say that it’s the direct opposite of being thrifty.

How Does Force Buying Work?

Here's how force buying works:

Economy Consideration

In CS:GO and CS2, players earn money based on their performance in the game. Winning rounds, planting the bomb, and eliminating opponents all contribute to a team's economy. If a team loses several rounds in a row, they may not have enough money for a full buy (purchase of rifles, armor, and grenades) for the upcoming round.

Force Buy Decision

When a team decides to force buy, they are essentially spending whatever money they have available on the best weapons, armor, and equipment they can afford at that moment. This can include SMGs, shotguns, or even pistols if their funds are very limited.

Risk and Reward

Force buying is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. By spending their limited funds, a team hopes to win the round despite having less powerful weapons than their opponents. If they succeed, they can break the enemy's economy and gain an advantage. However, if they lose the round, they may find themselves in an even worse financial situation.

Utility Usage

In force buy rounds, teams often prioritize purchasing grenades (smoke, flashbangs, etc.) to try to compensate for their weaker weaponry. Proper utility usage can be crucial to the success of a force buy.


Force buying is often used as a strategic tool. Teams may choose to force buy to surprise their opponents or to try to shift the momentum of the game when they are trailing in rounds.

What’s next?

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