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Adaptive force: What is Adaptive force in League of Legends?

There are many ways to boost the stats of your champion in the game League of Legends, and adaptive force is no different. Like lethality, when you attack a champion while your own champion has adaptive force, you get a boost in either attack damage or ability power.

What stat of your champion gets a boost depends on which stat’s bonus damage is originally higher. Higher bonus attack damage will equal a 0.6 bonus to attack damage per adaptive force, while a higher bonus ability power will equal a 1 bonus ability power per adaptive force.

How to get adaptive force?

The most common source of adaptive force bonuses are runes that can be equipped to champions to give them specific stat boosts/bonuses. The runes that grant adaptive force bonuses are:

Additionally, there’s only one champion ability that gives adaptive force, and that’s Yuumi’s “You and Me!” ability. According to its description, Yuumi gains flat Adaptive Force plus an amount based on a portion of the Anchor's current bonus attack damage or ability power, whichever is higher.

If you’re interested in more stats in League of Legends that you can use, then we have a guide on one of the best helps reduce crowd control effects. Read what Tenacity is in League of Legends to learn more.

What should you know about adaptive force?

You should know several key things about adaptive force in League of Legends:

Can you use enemies adaptive force to your advantage?

In League of Legends, players cannot directly use the adaptive force of enemy champions to their advantage. Adaptive force is a stat that determines the power of a champion's abilities, and it is calculated based on a champion's base stats and the items that they have equipped.

While players cannot directly use the adaptive force of enemy champions, they can use it as a general measure of a champion's damage output, and they can use this information to make strategic decisions in the game. For example, if a player knows that an enemy champion has high adaptive force, they may want to avoid engaging them in a 1-on-1 fight, and instead focus on other targets or objectives.

Additionally, players can use the adaptive force of enemy champions as a general guide for itemizing their own champions. If a player knows that they will be facing an enemy champion with high adaptive force, they may want to build items that grant armor or magic resistance in order to reduce the damage that they take from the enemy champion's abilities.

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