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Clear: What is Clearing in Rocket League?

In Rocket League, "clearing" refers to the action of hitting the ball away from your own team's goal, typically toward the opponent's side of the field. Clearing is a super important defensive maneuver used to prevent the opposing team from scoring by removing the ball from your defensive zone.

Clearing the ball in Rocket League is a fundamental defensive skill that involves moving the ball away from your own team's goal, typically with the intention of sending it toward the opponent's side of the field. This action is vital to maintaining strong defensive positioning and preventing the opposing team from scoring goals.

What Are Some Key Aspects of Clearing?

There are four key aspects that make a good and effective clear in Rocket League.


The primary goal of a clear is to redirect the ball away from your own goal. By doing so, you reduce the immediate threat to your team's net and create an opportunity for your teammates to regain control of the game.


Effective clearing usually involves hitting the ball with enough force to send it a significant distance downfield. The farther the ball travels from your goal, the more time your team has to regroup and establish a defensive presence on the opponent's side.


The height at which you clear the ball can vary depending on the situation. In some cases, a low, fast clear might be appropriate to get the ball out of your defensive zone quickly. In other situations, a higher clear may be needed to ensure the ball passes over any opposing players attempting to block or intercept it.


Clearing techniques can encompass a range of maneuvers, including ground clears, wall clears, and aerial clears. Ground clears involve striking the ball while it's on the ground, wall clears utilize the walls to redirect the ball, and aerial clears involve hitting the ball while in the air, often through aerial maneuvers.

When to Use Clearing?

Clearing is a versatile defensive tactic employed in various in-game scenarios including:

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