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Ground: What Does Grounding the Ball Mean?

In Rocket League, the term "ground" or "grounding the ball" refers to a specific technique employed by players to regain control of the ball when it's airborne. Grounding the ball essentially means stopping its upward bounce, often by making contact with the ball using the side of the car while the player's vehicle is positioned on or close to the playing field surface. This technique is utilized strategically for various purposes within the game.

When a player decides to "ground" the ball, they are choosing to intervene in the ball's trajectory mid-flight. This action typically involves hitting the ball with the side of their car's hitbox while keeping their vehicle as close to the ground as possible. By doing so, the player effectively arrests the ball's upward momentum, causing it to lose altitude and land back on the playing field.

Why Do Players Ground the Ball?

Grounding the ball can serve several important purposes in Rocket League gameplay:

Control and Possession

One of the primary reasons players choose to ground the ball is to regain control and possession. When the ball is in the air, it can be challenging to predict its path and maintain control. Grounding it allows the player to bring the ball to a more predictable and manageable state.

Setting Up Plays

Grounding the ball can be a precursor to making a pass or executing a play. Once the ball is under control, the player can carefully manipulate its direction and speed to set up a pass to a teammate or create a scoring opportunity.

Tempo Management

Grounding the ball is a strategic way to control the pace of the game. By bringing the ball down from the air, players can slow down the tempo, giving their team more time to position and plan their next move.

Defensive Play

Grounding the ball can also serve a defensive purpose. When an opponent is attempting an aerial play, grounding the ball can disrupt their plans and prevent them from executing a dangerous shot or pass.


Grounding the ball is often a crucial step in initiating a dribble. Dribbling involves maintaining close control of the ball while moving it across the field. Grounding the ball allows players to start a dribbling sequence.

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