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Turtle: What is Turtle in Rocket League?

‘Turtle’ is a phrase you must have heard many times in the context of Rocket League. Unfortunately, because it isn’t an official term, some people might get confused as to what it means, which can potentially lead to infuriation.

In Rocket League, "Turtle" is a term used to describe a specific style of maneuvering or hitting the ball. When a player refers to "turtling" or mentions that someone is performing a "turtle shot," they are talking about a rather unconventional and advanced technique where a player intentionally drives their car upside down, with the wheels facing upward, to hit the ball.

Turtling is not a common or practical technique for everyday gameplay. Instead, it's often used for style points, trick shots, or to showcase advanced car control skills. When a player successfully executes a turtle shot, it can be a visually impressive and surprising way to score a goal or make a challenging play. 

However, because it requires significant control and practice to pull off effectively, it's not a strategy that most players use regularly during competitive matches. Instead, it's reserved for moments of flair and creativity in Rocket League.

Why Do People Turtle in Rocket League?

There aren’t too many reasons for players to turtle in Rocket League. If a player is turtling, it’s very likely they’re doing so for one of the following reasons:

  1. Turtling allows players to express their creativity and style within the game. Pulling off a successful turtle shot or save can be visually stunning and entertaining, making it a popular choice for players who want to showcase their skills.
  2. Turtling is a difficult technique that requires a high level of car control and skill. Some players enjoy the challenge of mastering this unique maneuver as a way to push the boundaries of their gameplay abilities.
  3. In certain situations, a well-executed turtle move can catch opponents off guard. Since it's an unconventional playstyle, opponents may not be prepared for it, potentially leading to unexpected goals or saves.
  4. Rocket League is, at its core, a game meant for enjoyment. Turtling adds an element of fun and entertainment to matches, creating memorable moments that players and spectators can appreciate.
  5. Practicing turtling can improve a player's overall car control and aerial skills. While it may not be used frequently in competitive matches, the skills developed through turtling can translate into better gameplay in other aspects of Rocket League.

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