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Where to order elo boost in Latin America?


Eloking is the most popular elo boosting provider in Latin America (LAN and LAS).

Elo boosting in Latin America

League of Legends elo (also known as rank or division boosting) is very popular world wide. Although, it is not that easy to find a reliable boosting provider for certain regions such as Latin America North (LAN) and Latin America South (LAS).

There are many reasons why LAN and LAS elo boosters are hard to come by in League of Legends. One of them is that simply the region is no that popular for the game and that means also the player base from which there are professional level players is much smaller. And if there are less professional lol players, the less there are boosters and the harder it is to come by elo boosters in LAS and LAN regions.

Another reason for the lack of boosting service providers in Latin America is that most boosting sites operate from US or Europe, meaning their main focus is in those markets. Latin America has many local micro-companies that provide boosting services but since they operate only locally (and are oftentimes in Spanish language only), they simply cannot provide world-class service.

How to order lol elo boost in Latin America South (LAS)?

  1. Open LoL Elo Boost page
  2. Fill in your boost information (current rank, desired rank, etc)
  3. In the region select, choose Latin America South
  4. Click on Calculate boost price and complete the purchase
  5. In the order chat, you can check if the booster also speaks your local language (if not, all boosters speak English)

How to order lol elo boost in Latin America North (LAN)?

Follow the same steps as it would be for the boost in Latin America South but choose the Latin America North region in the region selection step.

What’s next?

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