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Overwatch: What is overwatch in CS:GO?

In order to help combat cheaters and disruptive behavior in CS:GO, Valve came out with the Overwatch system. Overwatch is an in-game replay review system that lets the CS:GO community manage itself by allowing qualified and experienced members of the community to review reports of disruptive behavior, determine whether those reports are valid, and apply bans if appropriate.

The Overwatch Investigators (what the people issuing bans are called) are presented with an extra ‘+’ option in their main menu screen that alerts them of pending Overwatch cases. It’s then up to the investigators whether or not they want to evaluate the replay and pass a verdict on whether something was suspicious or not.

As for what verdicts an Overwatch Investigator can give, if enough investigators unanimously feel that disruptive behavior in the replay is evident beyond a reasonable doubt, then the accused player will most likely be banned. If there isn’t enough evidence or if the verdict isn’t unanimous then the case will be thrown out and no further actions will be taken.

How to become an investigator?

Overwatch Investigators are selected automatically by Valve. Currently, the best way of increasing your chances of getting selected is to continue to play lots of matches in their official competitive matchmaking.

New Overwatch Investigators are selected based on multiple factors related to their CS:GO official account statistics. Some factors include:

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What’s next?

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