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Ace: What Does it Mean to Ace in a Game?

In the context of online games, an "ace" refers to a significant achievement accomplished by a player during a multiplayer match. The term is commonly used in team-based games, particularly in FPS and MOBA games.

An ace occurs when a single player successfully eliminates all members of the opposing team or a significant number of players on their own without any assistance from teammates. Essentially, the player single-handedly takes down the entire enemy team, showcasing exceptional skill, strategy, and situational awareness.

The concept of an ace varies slightly depending on the game:

Getting an Ace in FPS Games

In FPS games, an ace typically occurs when a player eliminates all members of the opposing team within a round without any of their teammates securing kills. This can happen in game modes where players take turns attacking and defending, or in a single round of a continuous gameplay mode.

Getting an Ace in MOBA Games 

In MOBA games, such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, an ace refers to a situation where a player eliminates all members of the opposing team in a team fight. MOBA games typically involve teams of multiple players, and an ace demonstrates the individual's ability to outplay the entire enemy team.

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