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Countergank: What is Counterganking in Games like League and Dota 2?

In the context of MOBA like League of Legends and Dota 2, a countergank refers to a strategic play or action where a player or a team reacts to an enemy gank in an attempt to turn the tide of the battle and gain an advantage. Basically, they counter a surprise attack in order to change the flow of the battle in their own favor.

When one or more enemy players attempt to gank a lane or ambush a teammate in the game, they often catch their target or targets off guard, which can lead to a successful elimination or weakening of the target. A countergank comes into play when the attacked player's allies respond quickly to the enemy gank, effectively "counter" attacking the attackers.

How Do You Successfully Countergank?

Successfully executing a countergank in a MOBA requires a combination of keen map awareness, effective communication, and precise timing. The first and most crucial step is to maintain constant vigilance of the minimap. As a player, you must pay close attention to the movement and positions of both your teammates and enemies across the map. By doing so, you can detect potential ganks as they unfold, allowing you to respond quickly and efficiently.

Communication is paramount in counterganking. Keeping open lines of communication with your teammates through in game chat or voice communication platforms ensures that everyone is on the same page. Alerting your team about the potential gank as soon as you spot it is vital. Effective communication ensures that your allies can plan their responses accordingly and arrive in time to assist in the countergank.

Another essential factor is proper positioning and knowing when to rotate. If you're in a position close to the endangered teammate or gank target, you can quickly make your way to the targeted lane. However, if you're farther away, it might be more strategic to ping your teammates and coordinate a response together. Rotating efficiently can be the difference between a successful countergank and arriving too late to make an impact.

Are There Any Risks Of Counterganking?

executing a countergank can be a high risk, high reward strategy that requires careful consideration and coordination. One of the primary risks associated with counterganking is the element of surprise. When a team decides to counter an enemy gank, they are essentially walking into a situation where they may not have full information about the enemy's positioning, health, or cooldowns. This lack of information can leave the countering team vulnerable to unexpected abilities or crowd control effects, potentially leading to a disastrous outcome.

Additionally, the countering team may not have the numerical advantage during a countergank. If the enemy initiates a 2v1 or 3v2 gank, the responding team will be at a numerical disadvantage in the ensuing fight. This can make it challenging to come out on top, even if the element of surprise works in their favor. The risk of being outnumbered can lead to a snowball effect, with the enemy team securing more kills, gaining a gold and experience advantage, and further increasing their dominance on the map.

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