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EB24: What is EB24 and is it better than Eloking?

EB24 (short for Eloboost24) is a boosting service provider mainly known for its League of Legends boosting services. About to reach 10 years since it first started, EB24 has developed a huge userbase, with over 40,000 orders completed.

Despite their website domain being ‘.eu’, they operate worldwide, with 700+ boosters and coaches from all around the world. They’re so well known that they’re considered to be amongst the top 3 best boosting websites right now, along with Eloking and Boost Royal.

In addition to LoL boosting, they also provide TFT (teamfight tactics) boosting, and Valorant boosting. For these same three games, they also provide coaching services and account trading services where anyone could buy or sell accounts (as long as they fit their criteria of course) and have very good reviews for all of their services on TrustPilot (although not as good as Eloking).

What does EB24 stand for?

EB24 is simply a shortened version for Eloboost 24 which is the boosting service provider name. Elo is the same as MMR, boost is the service, and 24 stands for 24/7 availability.

Is EB24 available only in Europe?

No, it is available world-wide. Despite the domain name being .eu, they operate world-wide and have professional League of Legends players working from all around the globe.

Is EB24 boost service trusted?

Yes. EB24 is operating in the boosting industry for a long time and is one of the top 3 boosting service providers for League of Legends together with Boost Royal and Eloking.

What makes EB24 stand out from the competition?

Why some people choose Eloking or Boost Royal over EB24?

As in all healthy industries, companies within the boosting industry constantly improve trying to please customers and offer unmatched customer service. Most people use Eloboost24 for their time in the market and proven track record. The ones who know EB24 and choose to go with a different provider usually mention the following reasons:

What are the alternatives to EB24 lol boosting?

What’s next?

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