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Ninja Defuse: How Do You Pull Off a Ninja Defuse in an FPS Game?

A "ninja defuse" is a term used in FPS games, particularly in games with bomb defusal game modes like Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six Siege. It refers to a situation in which a player successfully defuses the bomb planted by the attacking team without being detected by the attackers, often in a sneaky or stealthy manner. 

This tactic is called a "ninja defuse" because the defusing player is hiding or blending in with the environment, similar to a ninja. The main goal is to not get detected by anyone from the enemy team, but because you basically go into the enemy’s base alone it can get very risky.

How to Ninja Defuse

Now, there’s never a sure-fire way of ninja defusing in any game. After all, you’re sneaking into the base of the enemy, so it’s only natural that things could go wrong at a moment's notice. With that being said, we have some tips that should help you pull off ninja defuse more frequently.

Silent Movement

Ninja defusing begins with silent movement. The defending player must move quietly to avoid making any noise that can give away their position. This often involves crouching and walking rather than running, as running makes noise that can be heard by nearby enemies.


The defender needs to find a suitable hiding spot near the bomb site where they can observe the bomb and be ready to defuse it when the opportunity arises. This spot should ideally offer cover and visibility of the bomb site without exposing the player.

Use of Smoke and Flashbangs

Smoke grenades and flashbangs can be used to obscure the vision of the attacking team. Defenders may use a smoke grenade to create cover around the bomb site, making it more difficult for attackers to see the bomb or the defuser. Flashbangs can disorient attackers if used strategically.


Timing is crucial for a ninja defuse. The defender needs to wait for the right moment when the attackers are distracted, engaged in a firefight, or have temporarily moved away from the bomb site. This is the moment to initiate the defusal

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