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Ragequit: What Does it Mean to Ragequit in an Online Game?

"Ragequit" is a term commonly used in the world of online gaming to describe the act of abruptly and angrily quitting a game, usually due to frustration, anger, or a sense of hopelessness. This term is a combination of "rage" (intense anger) and "quit" (to leave or stop). A player who ragequits is essentially giving in to their emotions and exiting the game prematurely, often in the middle of a match or competitive session.

Simply put, a player is so angry that they just end up quitting the match while it’s going on. Naturally, this is seen as an act of weakness by many players and is especially looked down upon if the player ragequits in a ranked match.

Why Do Players Ragequit?

Ragequitting can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

Are There Consequences For Ragequitting?

Naturally, ragequitting makes the entire gaming experience worse for everyone involved, The team of the quitter has to continue the match with a disadvantage, which results in an unfair match. To combat this, many developers implement penalties that might discourage players from ragequitting.

These penalties include:

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