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Tenacity: What is Tenacity in League of Legends?

Tenacity is a stat that reduces the duration of crowd control effects that you suffer from, it cannot reduce their duration below 0.5 seconds, it's basically Crowd Control Reduction. There are just three exceptions, three types of crowd control that are not subject to tenacity.

How To Acquire Tenacity

You can contain The Legend Tenacity rune from the precision tree, which can give you up to 30% tenacity. There's also The Unflinching Rune in resolve, which gives you 10% tenacity for each of your summoner spells and cooldown, which stacks up to 20%, therefore, it stacks additively, additionally, you get 15% slower resist and additional tenacity which is however multiplicative for 10 seconds when you activate a summoner spell, there's also a summoner spell that is capable of giving you tenacity - Cleanse, it gives you 65% tenacity for 3 seconds upon activation, in addition to removing all disables excluding suppression and airborne. You can also acquire tenacity from Champion Kits, Items and Elixirs.

Champion Kits:



How Can Those Stack

Generally stacking tenacity is worth it, it's not that great but on certain champions it works. Tenacity is very important for bruisers and not for squishes, because if you're a bruiser, players are focusing on you and you need to somehow survive and deal damage at the same time.

There are combinations that stack additively such as Elixer of Iron with Unflinching - Mercury's Treads with Sterak's Gage, all the other combos will stack tenacity with multiplication.

What Is The Maximum Tenacity Possible

Garen can now reach a huge 98% tenacity, even though it's only for 0.75s.

Is It Possible To Reduce Tenacity

Yes, Tenacity can be reduced to negative values, causing crowd control to last longer.

Is Tenacity Important?

Tenacity is great since it increases your mobility and if you have the right tenacity build, it is most likely that you're going to shut down a lot of popular crowd control champions and possibly make difference for your team so you should always consider tenacity since it might help you save your champions life and possibly get you in higher ELO.

What increases tenacity?

Tenacity can be increased with champion abilities, items, runes, and summoner spells, with the stacks, either multiplying or adding depending on the combination of effects.


Since runes are selected before anything, we thought putting them first just makes sense. So the two runes that increase your tenacity stacks are Legend: Tenacity and Unflinching.

Champion abilities

The only champion ability that increases tenacity belongs to Garen. His ‘courage’ ability gives him both a shield as well as increased tenacity.


Mercury's Treads Silvermere Dawn and Sunfire Aegis all grant a percentage boost in Tenacity, with the boosts being 30%, 50%, and 5% respectively.

Summoner’s Spell

The summoner’s spell cleanse grants 65% extra tenacity for 3 seconds.


The elixir of iron grants 25% tenacity extra tenacity to your champion for 180 seconds, but you have to be level 9 to be able to purchase it.

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