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Bloom: What is bloom in Valorant?

After playing a game for so long, players turn towards the settings to check if they could somehow change their experience a little. If this applies to you, you might have come across the option to toggle something called ‘bloom’ on or off in the video settings.

The bloom option applies a post-processing ‘bloom’ effect in your game, creating a special effect where it looks like the fringes of light are extending from the borders of bright areas or images. This contributes to the illusion of an extremely bright light overwhelming the camera or eye capturing the scene.

Should you turn it on?

While the effect doesn’t affect your gameplay in any way, the purpose of it is to create a realistic look, similar to how actual lenses can never focus perfectly. However, as many of our Eloking professional players have said, it just restricts your vision and has the risk of you losing important gun fights because of it.

Additionally, while minimal, low-end PCs might face input lag or a drop in their FPS because of this effect. While on the topic of losing gun fights, if you feel like your accuracy when playing Valorant isn’t good enough, consider reading how to improve aim in Valorant.

Are there any strategies to use together with bloom?

There are a few strategies that players can use to try to minimize the impact of bloom on their shots in Valorant. For example:

What’s next?

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