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FPL: What is FPL in CS:GO?

Have you ever wondered how pro esports teams scout out new talent? They use many methods such as recruiting popular streamers and using in-house leagues or competitions with cash prizes to attract highly skilled players.

One such in-house league system is called the FPL, or FACEIT pro league, which hosts five leagues in CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege across different regions with a monthly $50,000+ prize pool.

With over 10,000 monthly hours watched and over 50 new talents having either found a pro team to be a part of or have gone on to create their own professional esports team, we’d say FPL has gone above and beyond what it set out to do.

As for what players have access to FPL, only those that have been recognized as being extremely talented when it comes to their supported games get picked to be a part of the in-house league, where they’re able to train, improve, and test their skills. Every match they play is highly competitive and counts towards the monthly leaderboards. Those with the best performance according to the leaderboards get a shot at the monthly prize pool.

When it comes to getting selected by FPL for CS:GO specifically, only players in the highest of rank in the FACEIT league even get considered. However, it isn’t easy to win matches and climb the leaderboards without good teammates. Fortunately, Eloking provides a FACEIT boosting service where you can have the booster play with you as a teammate. Learn all about FACEIT CS:GO boosting and start your upward climb in the FACEIT leaderboards.

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