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A Complete Faceit Boosting Guide

A Complete Faceit Boosting Guide

There are many reasons CS:GO players turn towards Faceit instead of Matchmaking. Better anti-cheat, a better toxicity prevention system, more skilled players, and, most of all, the potential of playing with or against their favorite streamers when getting to a high enough Faceit level. However, that's easier said than done.

As mentioned above, Faceit players are a completely different breed regarding skill level. We're talking carefully made teams and joining premade lobbies to execute tricks and strategies you might not see anywhere else. Because of this, many Faceit players purchase the services of Faceit boosters to get that extra advantage against those players.

How do Faceit boosters operate?

Special forces soldiers equipped with night vision and tactical gear in a smoke-filled environment

Faceit boosters can be found offering their services in various places online. To find trusted Faceit boosters, however, you need to go to an ELO boosting site that offers Faceit boosting services, such as Eloking, and confirm your boost type, whether by rank, wins, games, or placement matches. Finally, add details such as your current rank and, if required, your desired rank and confirm the order.

You will then be assigned a Faceit booster who will help you take your account to the ELO level you want, with you having the ability to either have the booster use your account and play as you or help you win matches by joining the same team as you. Of course, you'll have to select the 'play with booster' option for the latter when finalizing your order.

What extra services are there?

There are other extra services, such as having the booster stream every match he plays with your account and sending you a private link to the stream so you can see for yourself as your order inches closer to completion. You could also select the +1 win option, which will make it so that after reaching the rank you want, the booster will get one extra win to cement your position there.

There's also the offline mode option, where the booster appears offline when playing with your account, decreasing the chances of anyone from your friend list knowing that someone's using your account at that time. Also, Eloking offers this service completely free of extra charge, so there's no reason not to select it!

Finally, there's the option to make your order a high-priority one. When selected, the order will be carried out much faster than regular ones, with the completion and start time usually being around twice as fast!

How much does Faceit boosting cost?

Faceit ELO boosting is very similar to matchmaking boosting. However, it is quite expensive, especially compared to its more widely played counterpart. For example, let us say you want to get from ELO level 1 to ELO level 10. For most ELO boosting sites, it can take as much as $350 to complete it, with the 'Play with booster' option bumping it even more to an insane $500.

Of course, if you're looking to save over $70 from that exact order, you'll purchase it from Eloking instead, as we guarantee the calculator in our Faceit boosting website will show much lower prices than other websites.

If you instead want to purchase five wins, for example, the price will depend on the ELO level your account currently is at. It would take around $25 to complete this order when purchased without any extra services. However, if you're level 3 or below, it will charge you $30, and for level 4 and level 5, it will cost you $40. Similarly, levels 6 and 7 will be 55$, and it goes all the way up to $115 for level 10. Of course, it isn't counted as complete if the booster doesn't win the promised number of matches.

Struggling to win? Bad teammates? Steam Nose Emoji
Purchase a game with one of our PRO players.
One game csgo Rank 1
Average wait time <10 minutes
$4.00 $3.32 per game
Two games csgo Rank 2
Average wait time <10 minutes
$8.00 $3.00 per game
Three games csgo Rank 3
Average wait time <10 minutes
$12.00 $2.50 per game

Is Faceit boosting safe?

Notification screen displaying a message about a user caught cheating in a game with adjusted ELO/POINTS

Yes, it is safe if you use a trusted and secure ELO-boosting website such as Eloking.

Naturally, if you purchase the services of any off-site Faceit booster, then we can't guarantee your safety. This is especially true since most of them have been reported to be trolls who, after getting the login details of 'customers,' proceed to either lock the original owners out of the account by changing the password or get the account hacked/banned on purpose.

Fortunately, if you're smart about it and go for a legitimate ELO boosting site instead, then you don't have anything to fear, as they're 100% safe. This is because these sites, especially Eloking, take multiple steps to ensure that the customer's account is as far from any potential risks as possible.

Some of those risk-preventing steps include-

As for if something goes wrong and you want a refund for your order, Eloking has you covered. You can read our blog on how to get refunds on Eloking orders, which explains our refund policy in-depth. If your matches get canceled, and your ELO is decreased, we will help you get it back free of charge for up to 30 days after your order has been completed, even if ELO rollbacks are incredibly rare.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about Counter-Strike - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking CS2 Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

Alternatively, you can Join our Discord Server & participate in various giveaways!

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