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Burst Damage: What is Burst Damage in Games?

Burst damage, in the context of gaming, refers to a high and sudden spike of damage inflicted upon an opponent within a short period. It is a term commonly used in various genres such as MOBAs and FPS. Burst damage is characterized by the ability to quickly eliminate or severely damage an enemy, often catching them off guard and leaving them with little time to react or retaliate.

In many games, burst damage is typically attributed to certain classes or characters that specialize in dealing massive damage in a short window. These characters are often referred to as "burst damage dealers" or "burst mages/assassins." They possess abilities or skills that have high base damage, scaling ratios, or critical strike potential. Burst damage dealers often rely on quick and precise execution to maximize their damage output and secure kills.

Why Are Burst Damage Attacks Good?

One of the primary purposes of burst damage is to swiftly take down opponents before they have a chance to respond effectively. It can be a critical strategy to secure kills, gain an advantage in team fights, or eliminate high-value targets. Burst damage is often associated with specific abilities, skills, or combinations of attacks that deal significant damage in a short burst of time, overwhelming opponents and shifting the balance of power in the game.

The impact of burst damage extends beyond individual encounters. In team-based games, burst damage can be instrumental in initiating or turning team fights. Coordinated burst damage can quickly eliminate key targets, disrupt enemy strategies, and create advantageous situations for the team. Timing and coordination among team members are crucial to maximize the effectiveness of burst damage in these scenarios.

However, burst damage also has its limitations and risks. Characters or classes that excel in burst damage often lack sustained damage or utility abilities. They might have longer cooldowns on their high-damage skills, leaving them vulnerable and less threatening during those periods. Additionally, burst damage dealers are often squishy or fragile, meaning they have lower health pools or defenses, making them susceptible to counterattacks or crowd control abilities.

What Are Some Burst Damage Attacks in League of Legends

To make the process of identifying burst damage dealing attacks easier, we thought we'd go through some of the most burst damage dealing abilities from League of Legends.

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