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FF: What does FF mean in Valorant and other competitive games?

The aim of every competitive game is to win. However, sometimes you might not have any chance of winning. Playing a match knowing you’re about to lose for sure is what most would consider a waste of time, and that’s where the FF system comes in.

FF stands for forfeit, and should only be used in competitive games such as Valorant when you know there’s no way for your team to win. In many games, players get the option to start a vote for surrender or forfeit, either by pausing and selecting the forfeit option or by typing surrender or ‘/ff’ in chat in the case of Valorant.

When a vote for surrender has been started by a player, it takes a certain number of teammates to vote yes for your team to actually forfeit. How many players need to vote yes depends on the game itself, with it taking all five players of your team to vote yes in Valorant to successfully surrender the game.

In the case of a successful forfeit, the surrendering team loses the match and MMR or ELO instantly while the winning team wins both the match and ELO.

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