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VPN: What is a VPN and how it affects boosting in online games?

VPN, or Virtual Private Networks, is something that is becoming more and more necessary nowadays, primarily because of the safety issues on the internet. It extends a private network over a public network and enables them to send and receive data freely.

While VPNs don’t make a connection completely anonymous, they do greatly increase its privacy and security. In addition, the most significant appeal to most VPN users is that you can connect to the network of pretty much any place.

This is especially important when you want access to a website or service that has been banned in your area, region, or country. Connecting a VPN to a place that has it unblocked will allow you to access it freely.

Why do so many boosting sites advertise free VPN services?

Boosting in most video games is considered non-competitive behavior and can get your account suspended. Because of this, boosting platforms do whatever they can to minimize the risks of your account getting caught boosting.

However, let us take Riot Games, for example. If an account suddenly jumps up in rank, then the mod team might get suspicious and compare the current location of the person playing with that account to that of the person that usually plays. If there ends up being a huge difference in location, then chances are that account will get punished for boosting.

If the booster was to use a VPN to connect to the same general location as the actual owner of the account, however, then Riot would have no reason to suspect the account is being boosted. Surprised? Well, you’ll be even more surprised when you learn what other steps Eloking takes to make League of Legends ELO boosting safe.

What’s next?

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