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How to Add Friends in CS:GO? 2023

How to Add Friends in CS:GO? 2023

CS:GO is arguably one of the most fun FPS games out there. However, one thing most people would agree on is that the game, just like any other online game, is much more fun when played with friends. Naturally, if you want to play with your friends easily, it's crucial that you add them to your friend list.

If you want to add friends in CS:GO, the most convenient way is by first adding that person on Steam. To do so, simply launch the Steam client, go to friends, search for the username of your friend, and send them a friend request. With that done, launch CS:GO, and go to the 'Friends' tab. Here, as long as you have that friend added on Steam, you'll be able to invite them to your lobby.

We'll be going through everything you need to know about adding friends in CS:GO so you can enjoy the game with your friends.

How Do You Add Friends in CS:GO

Now while there are indeed multiple methods for adding players in CS:GO, the easiest by far is simply adding the other person on Steam first. Since both CS:GO and Steam are owned by Valve, it'll pretty much be the same thing.

Adding Friends on Steam

How to Add Friends in CS:GO? 2023 - Image 1
  1. To add a friend on Steam, you, of course, have to launch the Steam client first and then log in with your Steam account. 
  2. Then, on the top right of the Steam client window, you'll see the option to 'add friends'. You want to click it.
  3. From here, it's a simple matter of entering your friend's Steam username or friend code and sending them a friend request.

One very important thing to keep in mind is that you have to ensure that both players involved have a full account and not a limited account.

What do we mean by this? Well, when you first create a Steam account, it's a limited account. You are neither able to add someone to your friend list nor are you able to send someone a friend request. Therefore, you have to spend at least $5 to get your account unlocked.

How to Add Friends in CS:GO? 2023 - Image 2

With the friend request sent, it's a simple matter of the other player accepting the friend request. While the initial friend request will result in the other player getting a pop up notification, if it gets missed, all the other player has to do is:

  1. Launch the Steam client
  2. Click on the mail icon on the top right corner and then go to 'new invites'
  3. From here, the other player will see all the friend requests and group invites the other player has received. Simply click accept, ignore, or block depending on what they want to do with the account

As soon as the other player accepts the first player's friend request, the two players will be very easily able to play CS:GO with each other.

Alternate Way to Add a Friend in CS:GO

How to Add Friends in CS:GO? 2023 - Image 3

Now, let us say that you come across a player you're really vibing with in a match and decide to send them a friend request. What do you do in this scenario? Well, it's actually really easy. All you have to do is:

  1. In the middle of the match, click the tab key to bring up the leaderboard.
  2. Look for the username of the friend you want to send a friend request to and right click on their name.
  3. In the small pop up menu, click on 'send a friend request' and there you go!

Inviting Your Friend in CS:GO

How to Add Friends in CS:GO? 2023 - Image 4

If you're already friends on Steam with the player you want to invite to your lobby, then you can consider yourself as a friend with them in CS:GO as well. If you launch CS:GO and click on the 'friends' tab. Doing so will take you to a screen where you'll see a list of all of your friends. If you look closely, these will be the same friends you added on Steam.

To invite someone to your lobby, simply interact with that friend's name and click on 'invite to lobby' and the invitation will be sent to them. It's as easy as that. Now you and your friend can camp in the best camping spots in CS:GO together.

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