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How to Play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2

How to Play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2

We're sure you know about Counter-Strike 2's iconic maps like Dust 2 or Mirage, but did you know there's a world outside of those? Not just official maps but the numerous player-created maps found on the Steam Workshop. These player-created maps range from short practice areas to huge detailed story maps, and every player, whether new or old, can enjoy these maps.

Knowing this, let's talk about the other half of Counter-Strike 2 being the world of community creations. This guide will assist you with what workshop maps exactly are and what you can expect in those maps, alongside the steps you need to follow to install and play them easily.

With that being said, here's everything you need to know about workshop maps in CS2, including what they are and how you can play them. If you want a buddy to play with when playing these workshop maps, we recommend you hire a professional-level player from Eloking to play with you. Just use the code "BoostToday" and let the 20% savings commence.

What are Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2?

How to Play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2 - Image 1

Before we explain how to install workshop maps, let's understand what they are beyond the surface. Well, they're custom-made levels made by the community that provide unique map experiences beyond the official maps. These range from map remakes, deathmatch arenas, aim training maps, surf maps, or Co-op PVE maps.

The types we just mentioned are the most popular ones on the Steam Workshop. You can search for other maps outside those as each one offers a different experience, ensuring you'll find something that may suit your preferences.

How to Play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2?

How to Play Workshop Maps in Counter-Strike 2 - Image 2

Playing workshop maps in Counter-Strike 2 is pretty simple. Here's a step-by-guide:

1. Find the map you want to play:

These are two ways to discover community-created maps:

Through Steam

Open Steam and select Counter-Strike 2 from your library, where you should find a "Workshop" button in the tabs under the "Play" button. Pressing the "Workshop" button will open the Steam Workshop window, where you can browse popular maps or search specific ones yourself.

Community games

Another way to find maps is by joining community servers via the server browser in Counter-Strike 2. Open the game, press play, and then click on the globe icon on the right side of the "Workshop Maps" tab. It should open up a window that shows a list of community servers and what map it has. Once you join a server, the game will automatically download that map to your computer to play.

2. Subscribe to the map:

Assuming you want to download the map through Steam, once you've found whatever map you'd like to play, click the "Subscribe" button on the chosen map's workshop page. Subscribing will automatically add the workshop map to your download queue. From here, the only thing you need to do is wait for it to download.

3. Launch the Map:

Once the map has finished downloading, launch CS2 and press the "Play" button on the top, and you'll see a tab titled "Workshop Maps." Click on that, and it will display all the maps you've subscribed to. Then, select the map you want to play in and click "Go"

4. Choose Game Mode:

This step is optional and will vary from map to map, but some community projects let you select whatever game mode you want to play it in, so if you get a prompt asking you for what mode, just select what you want to play and then click "Go" again.

5. Enjoy!

After that, you're all done! The map will load, and you'll be ready to play! However, one thing you should remember, is that some community maps have custom mechanics or rules. So make sure you know about it beforehand when subscribing to it or selecting it from the server list.

And that's it! You now know pretty much everything you need regarding Counter-Strike 2's community maps. Just remember that these maps are created by fans in the Counter-Strike community so if you dislike one, try to stay courteous.

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