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How to counter the Judge in Valorant

How to counter the Judge in Valorant

Valorant has a variety of weapons players can use, from the Vandal to the Operator. However, arguably the most annoying one, especially for low-rank players, is the Judge. This shotgun has impressive firing speed, and even more impressive damage, making it extremely difficult to counter a player who knows how to use it properly.

While it might be difficult to counter the Judge, it definitely isn’t impossible. We’re here with a handful of tips and tricks you can keep in mind to counter this deadly shotgun. These tricks include playing at long range and flashing the enemy to throw them off their game, allowing you to quickly take them out.

So, if you’ve been having trouble with the Judge, keep reading because we have you covered. While not included here, the best way to counter a Judge is by having a good teammate giving you valuable intel. If you don’t have a good teammate you can rely on, just use the code “BoostToday” to get a 20% discount on hiring a professional Valorant player from Eloking to play with you.

Play at long ranges

Standard Judge Shotgun in Valorant Game Interface

This step is self-explanatory. Players that use the Judge in Valorant can’t engage in long distances due to it being a shotgun, so they have to stick to small corners to be effective. What you can do to counter this is simply to play in open areas where the enemy can’t do anything to you, even if he spots you.

Try using weapons like the Vandal, Marshal, and even a Ghost against them and bait them outside. If you’ve got no choice but to push a small area where there might be a Judge user, you should go a different route to avoid the fight altogether.

Flash the enemy

Bright light effects in a video game interface

This method is effective against almost everyone, especially Judge users. Most people who use that weapon tend to hide in the same place, so use flashes like Phoenix’s Curveball or Skye’s Guiding Light where they might be.

Once flashed, most Judge players will most likely shoot everywhere expecting you to push, so just stay back and wait for them to waste their ammo. Once they’re done, engage and get the kill.

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Using abilities that can reveal the enemy

Futuristic blue neon gun skin in a video game interface

If you ever feel like a person is hiding in the corner with a Judge, but you’re just not sure yet, use an ability that can reveal it for you. Sova’s darts and drones work perfectly for this. So does KAY/O’s knife.

Once you find out where they are, they will most likely move away from there, allowing you to push easily. If they don’t, then just use grenades to move them out of the way or pre-fire so you kill them before they get the chance to react.

Check the enemy team’s economy

In-game screenshot showing a tactical shooter game's weapon and abilities selection screen

Players usually only buy the Judge when they’re eco-ing, doing a broken buy, or a half-buy because although the weapon isn’t as good as a Vandal or a Phantom, it’s better than something like a Stinger. The weapon is cheap and gives easy kills so it's obvious that players will gravitate towards it.

Also, if the person had a Judge the previous round and they won, and you think they haven’t dropped the weapon anywhere, then just be ready. Outsmart your enemy and avoid a situation where you’ll go against a shotgun user if you feel like they have one.


The final thing you can do is also the most simple. Just out-aim the Judge user. Try to kill them before they kill you by outmatching them in raw skill.

To better your aim, try to keep your crosshair at head level and practice your flick shots in the game’s practice range. You can also use third-party apps like Aimlabs to practice your shooting in all kinds of scenarios, including close-quarters combat.

Another thing you can do to out-aim is by dazing them using abilities like Skye’s wolf or Breach’s Fault Line. Once they’re dazed, they won’t be able to aim or spray, and that’s where you strike.


How much does the Judge cost?

Judge is easily the most expensive shotgun in Valorant. Costing 1850 credits, players tend to use it when they don’t have enough money for a full buy with Vandal but can still retain enough Credits for a next run full buy despite buying the Judge.

Is the Judge the best shotgun in Valorant?

Calling any weapon in Valorant the best is pretty subjective, as different strokes for different folks. With that being said, the Judge is definitely the most expensive shogun and has a very high potential for catching enemies off guard, although it doesn't do as much damage compared to the Bucky.

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