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Overwatch 2: How To Use Custom Game Codes

Overwatch 2: How To Use Custom Game Codes

Overwatch 2 might have a bunch of different game modes that players can play with their friends and loved ones, but you might sometimes crave something different. Well, that's where custom games come in, and the best way to play the custom game you want is through custom game codes.

In today's article, we're here to go through everything regarding custom game codes in Overwatch 2. This includes what custom games are, what sets them apart from the regular game modes, and how you can use custom game codes. Naturally, we'll also be highlighting some ways you can get your hands on some codes quickly.

So, if you're interested in custom game codes in Overwatch 2, then keep reading as that's exactly what we're here to go through today. If you want to play these custom games with some high-level players we recommend you hire a professional-level player from Eloking to play with you. You can even use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount when you do so.

What Is the Custom Game Mode?

Overwatch 2: How To Use Custom Game Codes - Image 1

Overwatch 2 is an online multiplayer first-person shooter. The game has some very electrifying and exciting features, making it stand out among others of its genre. The gameplay features a player-vs-player (PvP) approach and team battles. Different maps, modes, and heroes ensure there is something for everyone. 

Custom games mode enables the player to try out different ideas but remains basic. Anyone can create a new mode, adding an element of freshness and excitement to the game. The techniques and methods remain the same during all of this, keeping the gameplay original. In addition to that, only authorized players can access due to custom game codes. 

Being an online multiplayer game, Overwatch 2 must introduce new events, competitions, and new ways of competitive gameplay to remain engaging and relevant. The game has a massive online presence, and players always want to try something new. The custom game mode is an answer to such demands.

Custom games Provide customization

The online multiplayer is entertaining, but imagine a gameplay where you set the rules, design the map, and make every other decision possible. That is the custom games mode. It enables the player to create a private game where they can play solo or invite friends and have competitions of their liking. Players can access these private games by using specific codes.

What can you do in Custom Games?

Custom games have many different options to choose from. Players mostly use this feature to practice and try new techniques and tricks. There are all kinds of mini-games to try, and you can also have a 1v1 against your friends without any external disturbance. Custom game mode enable all sorts of modifications and customizations to create different ways of playing.

The feature gives full reign to the players to try new ideas and make mini-games. Anything a player thinks, the custom game enables him to do it. 

What are Custom Game Codes?

Overwatch 2: How To Use Custom Game Codes - Image 2

The custom game feature was also available in the original Overwatch, but developers removed this mode in 2017. Players need unique 5-digit alphanumeric codes to access custom games. Each code is game-specific and is like a verification to ensure that access is allowed. Codes are shared or made available in online communities and websites.

Where can I get the Game Codes?

Games codes are readily available on websites like Reddit and Players also share their codes in different communities and forums. You can copy these codes and paste them into the import panel to create a custom game with the same features. 

How to use Custom Game Codes?

Here is how you can use custom game codes:

There is another method to add a game mode to your lobby. If you find something that you want to try in the list of custom game lobbies, hover over it and right-click. After that, select the save option and give it a name. 

You Might need to Change the Privacy

Sharing the game code is not enough. Players also need to ensure that the people they are inviting can access the game. They must decide who can access their private custom game by choosing one of the three privacy options. These include:

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