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How to Elevator Peek in CS2

How to Elevator Peek in CS2

CS2 is still a rather recent game, and as such, it's more than expected that the game would have a couple of bugs and glitches that players would eventually find. One of those said glitches players have discovered is called the elevator peek and, honestly, it might be a little broken when used correctly.

The elevator peek can be used in CS2 to float in the air and touch the roof where enemies can't see you. There are a couple of things you need before you can pull this off, including a buddy and being at a specific location. By strategically timing your jumps and movement, you'll be floating in the air in no time.

So, if you want to learn how to do the elevator peek in CS2, keep reading because we're about to cover just that!

What is Elevator Peek in Counter-Strike 2?

Elevator Peek


Elevator Peek, as the name suggests, empowers players to levitate vertically and remain perched at elevated vantage points. From this position, you can take strategic shots at unsuspecting foes below, who are clueless about your whereabouts. 

However, before you embark on executing this maneuver, you need to fulfill specific prerequisites. There are specific locations on the map where Elevator Peek can be performed, and you'll also need a cooperative teammate to make it work. These spots are typically critical, and you'll need precise coordination to achieve the desired result. 

As the CS2 community constantly explores and experiments, new Elevator Peek locations continue to emerge, but it's important to note that this exploit is likely to be patched by Valve in the future. This is why we don't recommend anyone to consider it as one of the best ways to rank up quickly in CS2.

Locations You Can Elevator Peek in

As we mentioned above, more and more locations are being discovered to use this glitch in. However, the three most common locations to use the elevator peek glitch, however, can be seen in this video.

Theoretically speaking, you can use this glitch pretty much anywhere and on any map in CS2. However, you can properly utilize them in only some places. Otherwise, it's very likely that you won't be able to get higher than triple boost height. If you aren't high enough then you and your buddy will both be very easy targets for the enemy.

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How to Perform CS2 Elevator Peek?

First-person view in a shooter game showing an armed character and robotic arm


Executing the Elevator Peek requires a teammate, and the two of you must work in tandem to achieve this aerial advantage. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform the Elevator Peek in CS2:

  1. Stand face to face with your teammate.

  2. Press the "W" key to move forward, but because both of you are facing each other, neither will move.
  3. One player should crouch, allowing the other player to jump on their knees.
  4. The player on the ground must then press the "A" and "D" keys alternately to start ascending into the air. It's crucial to focus on jumping on your teammate's knees at a specific spot for this to work.
  5. As you continue the ascent, the player on the ground should maintain the rhythm of pressing "A" and "D" to move left and right, effectively hovering in the air.

One more thing to keep in mind is that it's also possible to get back down to the ground by simply having the player at the bottom crouch. If you feel like there's a chance that the enemy team might have communicated your location to each other then it might be a good idea to relocate and play normally.

What Can You Do When in the Air? 

What can you do after doing the Elevator Peek
Now that you know how to get in the air, what about what you can do when you're finally up there? Well, this is where our comment on how this glitch is really broken comes in. You see, when you both get in the air and stop moving, both players can aim freely as if you were on the ground.


In addition to being able to aim freely, your shots are also as accurate as they are on the ground. This means that as long as someone is good at taking out enemies from a distance and uses one of the best loadouts in CS2, that player should be able to exploit this glitch like there's no tomorrow and get some insane frags. This is exactly why we think it'll get patched very quickly.


What’s next?

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