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Top 11 Graffiti in Counter-Strike 2

Top 11 Graffiti in Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike is well known for its influence in the FPS genre, having tons of depth underneath its deceptively simple gameplay leading to players having to learn and master different things like map layouts or line-ups, allowing players to participate in engaging gunfights and strategic team plays. Amongst all of these layers to master exists something called graffiti. 

Graffiti is a way for you to express yourself on the battlefield, whether it's to indulge in stylistic flourishes or if you just want to flex your expensive taste. But, with so many different types of graffiti, there can only be a few truly worthy of belonging at the top of a list, and we'll be going through that list today.

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What is graffiti in CS2?

Graffiti of a bloody pickaxe with the text 'Data Miners were right' on a wall

Well, let's start with what graffiti is in the game. They're basically small images or text sprayed onto surfaces within maps where you can apply it anywhere as long it's not out of reach. By the way, if you want to own a graffiti you can either buy it from the Steam marketplace or (If you have Prime Status) you can collect it whenever you level up and get your weekly care package.

Graffiti isn't new to Counter-Strike 2, nor its predecessor Counter-Strike Global Offensive, but instead goes all the way back to Counter-Strike 1.6 days. Unlike CS1.6, which had custom sprays that players could upload themselves, Counter-Strike 2 has a unique selection of official graffiti. 

How to apply graffiti in CS2

Now let's talk about how to actually apply the Graffiti in the game. First, you need to check what key is bound to Graffiti (by default it's T). Once you've selected your key bind of choice, go near any surface, hold that key, and aim at said surface until you're satisfied where you want to place it. Then just simply release the key, and it will be sprayed onto that surface.

If you have multiple graffiti and want to switch between them, simply hold the graffiti key and press the right mouse button. It will enable your cursor with which you can select whatever graffiti you like, then let you spray it once you've chosen it. However, one thing to remember is that each graffiti has a finite number of uses and a cooldown for each use, so use it wisely!

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Counter-Strike 2 graffiti ranked

Kickflip graffiti on a worn skateboarding ramp

Knowing what graffiti is in the game and how to apply it, it's time to talk about the top 11 graffiti in CS2, ranked from worst to best.

11. Cocky

Just a stylized chicken, a staple of the Counter-Strike series. It doesn't offer much but you know, it's cool that there is graffiti for the little guy.

10. EZ

A great way to crush your opponent's day. Just ruin a clutch or an ace for an enemy player and spray this where they lost as a subtle way to trash talk.

9. Clutch King

Similar to EZ, it's special only because of its use-case, being that it can only be used once you or someone in your team has made an insane clutch and you want to gloat.

8. Rekt

One more in the style of Clutch King, and EZ. Honestly, we don't have much to say about this either as you're gonna use it the same way as the other 2. Unlike the other two though, Rekt has a nice art style that makes it pop.

7. Cerberus

We've got Cerberus now, with its cool and menacing art style depicting the Greek mythology's three-headed dog.

6. Kawaii Killer CT

Unlike all of the previous graffiti with a more serious tone, let's get a little lighthearted and look at this cute anime art style for a change of pace.

5. Unicorn

Keeping up with the light-hearted tone, It's the Unicorn graffiti! A small chibi pony with a colorful illustration that's hard to ignore.

4. No Scope

A little minimalist compared to everything else and the fact that it's easy to obtain. Still, it's up here because of how it's possible to no-scope with the AWP if you equip the graffiti right before shooting to get an idea of where the bullet will go.

3. Fire Serpent

Think of the Fire Serpent as the AK-47 Fire Serpent's younger brother. More affordable, same art.

 2. Crown (Foil)

Crown (Foil) is the most costly skin here, costing over $500. It's simple and to the point, and its only use is to show off your expensive taste. If you want to get pretty much the same skin but much cheaper get the Crown Graffiti but honestly, what's the point if you can't flex it?

1. Howling Dawn

A vibrant fiery dragon graffiti art on a metal shutter

We all knew this was gonna be number 1. Just like its M4A4 brother, it's a beautiful skin with intricate details that make it stand out so much. The only problem is that it is crazy expensive but honestly? For Graffiti like this, it's worth it. Plus if you're lucky you might get it as a drop in Counter-Strike 2's care packages.

What’s next?

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