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Valorant: Everything We Know About SmokeDancer

Valorant: Everything We Know About SmokeDancer

Excitement is building in the Valorant community as leaks from renowned dataminer Kingdom Laboratories hint at the arrival of a new Controller Agent codenamed "Smokedancer" in Episode 8 Act 2. With dazzling visuals and mesmerizing pink smoke abilities, Smokedancer is poised to bring a fresh dynamic to the tactical shooter. 

Today, we're here to delve into the details surrounding Smokedancer's release date, abilities, appearance, role, and the speculative excitement buzzing within the Valorant community. We'll be sharing everything we know about this upcoming mystery agent to ensure players are ready for when he drops in the game.

So, without further ado, here's everything we know about SmokeDancer. Of course, if you want to learn how to play as this agent as soon as he drops, we recommend keeping your eyes on Eloking's coaching services to ensure you can use the code "BoostToday" to get a 20% discount on having a professional-level Valorant coach teach you the ropes.

Release Date

According to leaks, fans can anticipate the debut of Smokedancer alongside Episode 8 Act 2 on March 6, 2024. As the first Agent of the year, Smokedancer will expand Valorant's roster to 24 Agents, following the arrivals of Gekko, Deadlock, and Iso in 2023.


First-person shooter game view showing a green energy barrier and a high-tech weapon

While the complete set of abilities remains shrouded in mystery, leaks suggest that Smokedancer will wield vibrant pink-colored smoke to manipulate the battlefield. As a Controller, the new Agent is likely to specialize in obscuring enemy vision and controlling strategic spaces. Speculation hints that the pink smoke may induce hypnotic and disorienting effects on adversaries, adding a unique twist to their tactical toolkit.

Though specific ability names are yet to be revealed, Smokedancer is expected to follow the established Controller archetype, featuring a smoke wall, area smoke ability, information-gathering tools, and a potent ultimate. Valorant players familiar with Viper, Astra, Omen, and Harbor can anticipate Smokedancer to introduce innovative variations to these abilities.

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As suggested by their name and smoke-themed abilities, Smokedancer is anticipated to don an elaborate, dancer-inspired costume accentuated with vibrant pink hues. Described by data miners as "cool and flashy," the Agent's visual design is expected to complement their hypnotic abilities, creating a striking and memorable character in the Valorant roster.


A lineup of five diverse futuristic game characters posing dramatically

Since the introduction of Harbor in October 2022, Valorant has not seen a new Controller Agent. Smokedancer's role will be crucial in filling this gap, providing players with another option for the tactical playstyle of obscuring areas and dictating engagement zones. As team compositions increasingly include two Controllers, Smokedancer's addition will offer players more strategic diversity and opportunities for creative plays.


A mystical bat illuminated in purple light, surrounded by stylized fantasy characters

With limited concrete information available, the Valorant community is alive with speculation about Smokedancer's origins and thematic ties. Some theorists suggest a connection to the mysterious magic-focused kingdom shared with Agent Reyna, while others speculate that Smokedancer may continue the trend of characters featuring animal motifs like Viper, Astra, and Harbor.

As fans eagerly await further leaks and the official reveal, the possibilities for Smokedancer's background story, nationality, motivations, and impact on the game's meta remain open for interpretation. Riot Games is likely to build anticipation through trailers and hints leading up to the Agent's full launch, further fueling the excitement within the Valorant community.


When will Smokedancer be released in Valorant?

Smokedancer is expected to make their debut alongside Episode 8 Act 2 on March 6, 2024, according to leaks from reliable dataminers. This new Controller Agent will mark the first addition to Valorant's Agent roster in 2024, introducing a unique playstyle centered around mesmerizing pink smoke abilities.

What role does Smokedancer play in Valorant's Agent lineup?

Smokedancer is categorized as a Controller, filling a notable gap in the roster since the introduction of Harbor in October 2022. As a Controller, Smokedancer's abilities are likely to focus on obscuring enemy vision and manipulating strategic spaces on the battlefield. With an emphasis on pink-colored smoke, this Agent promises to bring a fresh tactical dynamic to team compositions, offering players new opportunities for creative plays and strategic diversity.

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