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CS2: Best Weapon Loadout For Competitive

CS2: Best Weapon Loadout For Competitive

CS2 has tons of different weapons you can use, but, similar to other competitive FPS games, not all of them are good. While some weapons in CS2 are good for certain situations or scenarios, there are those that are great all-rounder weapons used by most professionals around the world.

To ensure you're using the best weapons possible, we're here with multiple different loadouts that are the best for different scenarios. In the end, we'll also be going through the loadout that is generally considered to be the best for both T side and CT side. Using any of these loadouts will ensure you're able to rank up quickly in CS2.

So, if you want to revamp your loadout then keep reading because we're here to help with just that.

Best CS2 Loadout for CT Side

Video game screen showing character customization and weapon inventory

It's time for us to go through our pick of the best CS2 loadout of all time for CT side.

CT Pistol Loadout

The CT Pistol Loadout offers a few essential choices for your sidearm. The P2000 is preferred due to its higher bullet count and spare ammo, making it a practical default pistol. Put on one of the best skins in CS2 and you'll be ready to go.

CT Mid-Tier Loadout

For the mid-tier CT loadout, consider the MAG-7 or Nova for shotguns, along with the MP9 for eco rounds. The P90 is a solid choice as well. The remaining slots are flexible and should align with your personal preference and practice.

CT Rifle Loadout

The CT Rifle Loadout includes the following staples:

The three remaining slots are open to your preference and practice, with options like the FAMAS, Scout, Scar-20, and AUG.

Best CS2 Loadout for T Side

Video game character standing with a selection of weapons

That's right, with the best CS2 loadout for CT side done, it's time to go through our favorite CS2 loadout for T side.

T Pistol Loadout

The T Pistol Loadout is relatively straightforward, with the Glock-18 as the default pistol. Choose between the P250, Desert Eagle, Revolver R8, and Tec-9 for additional sidearms, depending on your playstyle and the situation.

T Mid-Tier Loadout

The T Mid-Tier Loadout includes an economical SMG (Mac-10), shotgun (Sawed-Off), and Negev for suppressing fire during eco rounds. The P90 is a versatile option, while other weapons like the MP5-SD, MP7, Bizon, and UMP-45 cater to different preferences.

T Rifle Loadout

The T Rifle Loadout features two essential choices:

The three remaining slots offer flexibility based on personal preference and practice. Options like the SSG 08, Galil, G3SG1, and FAMAS are suitable choices.

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Best CS2 Counter-Terrorist Weapon Loadouts

Tactical soldier equipped with various weapons in a video game inventory screen

Now, we want to go through some of the best loadouts for CT, or counter-terrorist side. The loadouts we're about to mention here are good for specific playstyles and scenarios.

Up Close and Personal

The "Up Close and Personal" loadout is designed for those CTs who thrive in close to medium-range battles. It's ideal for rifle players and those who enjoy making strategic moves on the map. This loadout equips you to defend a site head-on, ensuring that you're well-prepared for the action.

The pistol choices here are straightforward, but the new CS2 weapon loadout system allows for versatility by offering both the CZ75 and Five-SeveN. This choice provides you with options for your sidearm, which can be a game-changer.

For the mid-tier weapons, we prioritize SMGs and shotguns. The MP9, UMP-45, and P90 ensure you have a reliable SMG, catering to various playstyles. Additionally, the XM1014 and MAG-7 allow for effective control over entrances, unleashing spread damage upon intruders.

The rifle choices are straightforward, with both the M4A4 and M4A1-S being essential for CTs. The FAMAS serves well on eco rounds, and the two sniper rifles (SSG 08 and AWP) provide the necessary long-range firepower and versatility.

Long Range Damage

For those who prefer taking down enemies from a distance, the "Long Range Damage" loadout is the way to go. This setup prioritizes weapons that perform well regardless of the opponent's distance, ensuring you're equipped for any scenario.

The USP-S stands as the default CT pistol, thanks to its capacity to deal solid damage at range. The Dual Berettas are chosen over the CZ-75 for their larger magazine size and adaptability to close and medium-range encounters. The Desert Eagle is the go-to option for long-range battles.

The mid-tier weapon choices include a mix of SMGs and shotguns. The MP9, UMP-45, and XM1014 provide options for various situations. The addition of the MP5-SD caters to those seeking more range, while the Negev offers substantial firepower from a safe distance.

The rifle picks don't deviate much, with the inclusion of the AUG, which provides added utility for rounds where an AWP isn't feasible. The rest of the choices are standard rifles well-suited for CTs.

The Rapid Response Team

This CT loadout is perfect for those situations where quick and precise response is necessary. It's ideal for maintaining control over bomb sites and reacting swiftly to enemy incursions.

(the rest can be filled as you see fit)

The pistol selection keeps things compact and accurate. The USP-S and P250 offer precision for close to medium-range engagements, while the CZ75-Auto is a solid backup for tight scenarios.

The mid-tier weapons are versatile, with the MP7 for rapid movement and control, the MP5-SD providing some range, and the AUG and FAMAS for more flexibility in various situations.

Both M4 rifles are suitable for maintaining control, with the M4A1-S offering stealth and precision. This loadout is perfect for CTs who need to swiftly respond to enemy actions and maintain tight control over the battlefield.

Best CS2 Terrorist Weapon Loadouts

Video game character with a rifle in an urban setting

With two of the best CT loadouts out of the way, it's time to go through some of the best Terrorist weapon loadouts for different scenarios and play styles.

The Guerrilla Warfare Specialist

This T-side loadout is tailored for players who enjoy unconventional tactics and guerrilla warfare. It's designed for those who like to play aggressively, take control of the map, and disrupt the enemy's plans.

(the rest can be filled as you see fit)

The pistol choices are straightforward, with the Glock for close-quarters, the TEC-9 for high mobility, and the Desert Eagle for precision at a distance.

The mid-tier options cater to aggressive gameplay, with the MAC-10 and UMP-45 for close-range battles, the XM1014 and Nova for unconventional firepower, and the SG 553 for those times when you need more range and versatility.

The AK-47 is the weapon of choice for primary engagements, while the SG 553 offers additional options for those who prefer its unique capabilities.

This loadout is suitable for players who enjoy taking the fight to the enemy, ambushing foes, and employing hit-and-run tactics on the Terrorist side. It's perfect for unconventional and aggressive playstyles.

Aggressive Entry Fragger

The "Aggressive Entry Fragger" loadout is a solid choice for T-side entry fraggers. It covers close and long-range situations, allowing you to engage opponents efficiently and adapt to your preferred playstyle.

Terrorists have limited pistol options, but the TEC-9 stands out for its solid damage output. For mid-tier options, we recommend a combination of SMGs and shotguns. The MAC-10, UMP-45, and Nova offer versatility for close to medium-range engagements.

As an entry fragger, you'll primarily use the Galil AR on eco rounds and switch to the AK-47 or SG 553 on full buy rounds. The last two slots are flexible, as entry fraggers rarely use snipers.

Defensive Back-Up

The "Defensive Back-Up" loadout is designed for players who prefer playing for trades and watching flanks on the T side. It combines a variety of weapons suitable for various in-game scenarios.

Pistol choices are somewhat limited, but you can choose between the CZ75-Auto, Dual Berettas, or P250 depending on your preference. The MP5-SD offers medium-range damage, while the Nova provides versatility in battles. The remaining choices are standard picks for Terrorists.

The rifle choices remain largely consistent across different loadouts, with slight variations based on personal preference. The Galil AR and AK-47 are dependable options for T-side players.

What’s next?

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