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How to Get Blue Essence in League of Legends

How to Get Blue Essence in League of Legends

Blue Essence is one of the most sought-after currencies in League of Legends thanks to its ability to allow players to unlock new champions to play as. However, when it comes to new champions, the cost in blue essence tends to see a huge spike in cost, which makes it difficult to collect the required amount.

Fortunately, there are multiple ways players can get blue essence in League of Legends and we'll be going through all of them today. The methods we'll be highlighting include leveling up, playing matches, and opening capsules.

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Leveling Up between Summoner Levels 1 and 30:

Gaming level-up badge with the letter D and 1999 displayed

One of the fundamental ways to earn Blue Essence in League of Legends is through the natural progression of your summoner level. As you engage in battles on the Rift, complete objectives, and gain experience points, your summoner level steadily rises from 1 to 30. With each level gained, you are rewarded with Blue Essence. This gradual accumulation ensures that players are consistently supplied with this essential in-game currency, allowing them to unlock champions, purchase runes, and augment their overall gaming experience.

The process of leveling up is not only an indicator of a player's experience and proficiency but also a rewarding journey that contributes to the growth of their Blue Essence pool. It encourages players to remain engaged with the game, try out different champions, and explore diverse playstyles as they ascend through the summoner ranks. The higher the level, the more Blue Essence is earned, providing a tangible sense of achievement and progress.

Opening Champion Capsules:

Level Up screen with a new Glorious Champion capsule in a video game

Starting at Summoner level 5, players are introduced to champion capsules, which become a valuable source of Blue Essence. These capsules are awarded at various milestones as players continue to level up beyond level 5. Upon receiving a capsule, players can choose to unlock it, revealing a champion shard inside.

Champion shards obtained from these capsules can be disenchanted to obtain Blue Essence. This process allows players to tailor their Blue Essence gains to their specific needs. If there's a particular champion you're aiming to unlock, you can use the champion shard directly to reduce the cost. Alternatively, if you're looking to amass Blue Essence for other purposes, disenchanting the shard becomes a lucrative option.

This dual functionality of champion capsules adds an exciting layer to the progression system, offering players a mix of randomness and choice. It not only facilitates the acquisition of new champions but also ensures that players can actively contribute to their Blue Essence reserves, providing them with the flexibility needed to navigate the vast world of League of Legends.

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Completing Missions During Special Events:

League of Legends hosts a variety of special events throughout the year, each bringing unique challenges and missions for players to undertake. These events are often themed, coinciding with holidays, celebrations, or major updates. During these events, players can access the mission tab in the client, which presents a list of tasks to complete in exchange for rewards, including Blue Essence.

These missions vary in complexity and objectives, ranging from playing a set number of games, achieving specific in-game milestones, or participating in event-specific game modes. For example, during Lunar Revel, players might be tasked with winning games as champions associated with the event, participating in specific game modes, or contributing to community-wide goals.

First Win of the Day:

Female game character with level indicator and first win of the day bonus countdown

The "First Win of the Day" bonus is a daily incentive designed to encourage players to log in and play at least one game per day. Upon securing your initial victory within a 24-hour period, you are rewarded with 50 Blue Essence. This bonus serves as a reliable and consistent method for players to steadily accumulate Blue Essence over time.

The daily nature of this bonus promotes player engagement, fostering a sense of routine for those looking to maximize their Blue Essence gains. Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated summoner, claiming your First Win of the Day bonus becomes a satisfying and habitual aspect of your League of Legends experience.

League of Legends Esports Rewards:

For esports enthusiasts, watching League of Legends esports events can occasionally yield Blue Essence rewards. Riot Games often implements reward systems that grant viewers various in-game items, including Blue Essence, for tuning into live events. Linking your League of Legends account with the official esports platform and participating in event-specific activities can enhance your chances of receiving these rewards.

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