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How to Rank Up as Support in Dota 2?


Regardless of what game you’re playing, if it has an option for players to play entirely as support, even in that game’s ranked mode, then chances are the players will instantly assume that it’ll be impossible for support mains to climb the ranks.

However, that really isn’t the case. Dota 2 for example has had a bunch of players that only play support and have been able to climb really high not only in the ranks but also in the leaderboards.

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks from our professional Dota 2 support mains, and we’re now here to give you those tips on how to rank up as support Valve’s MOBA masterpiece.

Master Communication

Yes, we know this is a tip that pops up in every guide like this, but hear us out. Although communication is important regardless of your role or position, we would argue that it’s most important for supports.

Now, yes, most guides will also stress how important it is to use a microphone to communicate with your teammates in game chat, but we realize there might be some unforeseen circumstances stopping you from doing this.

Because of this, we recommend you master alternate ways of communicating as well. Examples of these ways are

Finally, remember that good communication is a two way street. You should also keep in mind what your other teammates are saying or trying to convey via one of the alternate communication methods we mentioned.

Always Be Doing Something

One thing we’ve noticed many low ranked support mains do is that they believe their entire purpose is to support their teammates. Because of this, if there’s no one nearby, they just stand idly until they spot a teammate.

DON’T DO THIS. Remember, there are always things you can do to help shift the odds in your favor, even if those said things are extremely minor. For example

Purchase the Dota Plus

Okay, look. We hate pay to win games as much as the next guy, but it’s important to mention that if you were to purchase Dota plus or the battle pass, then you’ll get access to multiple in game support features that will let you play better in rank, even as a support main.


The automated support features that players get by subscribing to Dota plus include:

Although these don’t sound as important as, say, an extra couple of MMR for every match won, trust us it’ll really make a difference. For example, the ability to view damage given or taken is a HUGE boon and will really help you avoid certain players you know are risky targets.

Play With Good Teammates

Of course, the one thing that affects a support’s gameplay the most is how good the players they’re supporting are. Therefore, we recommend you queue in with friends or players you can trust to carry their own weight.

Naturally, it can’t be expected for everyone to have a skilled friend or known acquaintance they could play with, so we have an alternate method you can use. Eloking provides a unique system where it’s possible to play with a professional player on your team. What’s more, you could choose for yourself what position that player takes so you could take full advantage of their skills.

Keep a Strong Mentality

Again, this is something that you might have heard many times, but we can’t stress this enough. If you find yourself playing badly, or worse, playing very well but your teammates playing badly, don’t start getting frustrated.

Remember, the most important battle in games like Dota 2 are mental battles, and the moment you give up on yourself or your teammates will be the moment you truly would have lost.

To help avoid this, we recommend you not play ranked if you’ve had a bad day or are just generally tired, as that might lead to you getting tilted more easily.

What’s next?

Now that you have learned something new about Dota 2 - it’s time you start playing and get better at the game. We can help! Purchase Eloking Dota 2 Boost right now and start playing at the rank you deserve!

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