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League of Legends: New Corki Mini Rework Unveiled

League of Legends: New Corki Mini Rework Unveiled

In the ever-evolving world of League of Legends, change is the only constant. Patch 14.10 brings forth a series of alterations to the arsenal of the daring yordle pilot, Corki. With a mix of buffs and nerfs across his abilities, Corki enthusiasts are in for a strategic shift in their gameplay. 

Currently on PBE, the iconic Package is replaced with bonus true damage on auto attacks. Missile Barrage receives speed and potency upgrades. Gatling Gun's shredding potential is increased, albeit with slight damage adjustments. Corki's ultimate, Missile Barrage is no longer spammable, incentivizing precise engagement due limitations in munitions and cooldown.

Let's delve into the specifics of these changes and evaluate their impact on the Rift.

Passive Overhaul

Corki's iconic delivery system, The Package, bids its farewell in Patch 14.10. Instead, Corki gains a 15% bonus true damage on his auto attacks, including those powered by Sheen. This alteration seeks to amplify Corki's DPS more consistently throughout the game.

Q - Phosphorous Bomb

This update bolsters Corki's Q by amplifying its projectile speed, AD ratio, and reducing its mana cost. Additionally, the cooldown of this ability undergoes adjustment, aiming to provide Corki players with enhanced flexibility and damage output in the heat of battle.

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W - Valkyrie

Fantasy game character attacking a target dummy with magical spells

Corki's daring escape and engage tool, Valkyrie, receives a substantial damage boost in the new patch. Alongside this, players can anticipate visual enhancements through particle updates, adding a fresh aesthetic appeal to Corki's aerial maneuvers. 

Note: Due to removal of the Package, the special delivery version of this ability no longer exists.

E - Gatling Gun

The Gatling Gun undergoes a significant revamp in Patch 14.10, with buffs to its cooldown, shred cap, and shred rate. However, to balance these improvements, both the damage and AD ratio of this ability are slightly dialed back. These alterations aim to augment Corki's sustained damage potential while ensuring a more measured power distribution.

R - Missile Barrage

Game character training against dummies in an outdoor arena

Corki's ult, Missile Barrage, receives a multifaceted makeover. Players will now experience a progressive increase in ammo as they rank up this ability, allowing for more frequent deployment of Corki's iconic missiles. However, the rate and cap of ammo are adjusted downwards to maintain a balanced gameplay experience.

Furthermore, Corki's missiles now refund ammo upon striking enemy champions with auto attacks, incentivizing precise targeting and strategic engagement. While the mana cost of Missile Barrage undergoes a slight increase, the base physical damage receives a boost, amplifying Corki's poke potential in skirmishes and team fights.

Additionally, the bonus AD scaling of Missile Barrage no longer scales with rank, necessitating a more nuanced approach to Corki's itemization strategy as the game progresses.

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As League of Legends continues to evolve, so too must its champions. With the introduction of Corki's mini rework in Patch 14.10, players are presented with a fresh array of opportunities and challenges. Whether navigating the skies with Valkyrie or raining down missiles with precision, Corki enthusiasts are poised to explore new avenues of gameplay mastery in the ever-shifting landscape of Summoner's Rift.

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