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League of Legends: New Maw of Malmortius Buff and Changes

League of Legends: New Maw of Malmortius Buff and Changes

League of Legends enthusiasts, brace yourselves for some game-changing updates in the upcoming patch, especially concerning one of the game's iconic items - Maw of Malmortius. Riot Games is set to roll out significant alterations, harkening back to its original design while introducing compelling modifications that promise to shake up gameplay dynamics.

The new changes introduce alterations to its cost, build path, and core stats, including increased AD and reduced Magic Resist. The Lifeline effect now grants an extended shield duration and introduces omnivamp, offering new avenues for healing. These adjustments promise to reshape strategic itemization choices and gameplay dynamics in the new patch.

So without further delay, let us take a look at these changes in detail and evaluate the revamped item’s impact on the Rift.

Base Item Changes

Comparison of Maw of Malmortius item stats in a game interface

Maw of Malmortius is slated for a revamp that will bring it closer to its pre-reworked state. However, don't mistake familiarity for stagnation; the item is poised to undergo substantial shifts to its mechanics and utility.

Price Adjustment

One of the noticeable changes comes in the form of a price hike. Previously priced at 2,800 gold, the new Maw of Malmortius will cost players 3,100 gold. This adjustment reflects the item's enhanced capabilities and strategic significance in matches.

Build Path Alteration

Riot Games has tinkered with the item's build path, steering it away from the traditional Pickaxe and Long Sword combination. Instead, Maw of Malmortius will now evolve directly from Hexdrinker and Caulfield's Warhammer, streamlining the itemization process for players.

Enhanced Stats

In terms of statistics, the update brings about notable tweaks. The item's AD sees a boost, ascending from 65 to 70. Conversely, the Magic Resist takes a slight dip, decreasing from 50 to 40. To compensate, Maw of Malmortius now grants an additional 15 Ability Haste, offering players more flexibility in their ability usage.

Reimagined Lifeline Effect

The crux of the update lies in the reimagined Lifeline effect, a defining feature of Maw of Malmortius. When a champion's health drops below 30% due to Magic damage, they receive a protective shield. This shield, which previously lasted 2.5 seconds, now boasts an extended duration of 3 seconds.

Introduction of Omnivamp

However, the most groundbreaking change lies in the alteration of the Lifeline effect's secondary benefit. Previously granting 12% lifesteal post-shield, players will now benefit from 10% omnivamp instead. This shift opens up new avenues for healing, allowing champions to replenish health not only through basic attacks but also through abilities.

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Impact on Gameplay

Intense battle scene from a popular video game

The implications of these changes extend far beyond mere stat adjustments. With the recent overhaul to omnivamp mechanics, champions with AoE abilities stand to benefit significantly. For instance, champions like Katarina, renowned for their ability to unleash devastating AoE ultimates, may find Maw of Malmortius to be a potent addition to their arsenal.

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As the League of Legends community awaits the implementation of these changes, speculation runs rife regarding their impact on gameplay dynamics. Will Maw of Malmortius emerge as a staple item for certain champions, or will its utility be more niche in nature? Only time will tell. 

In the meantime, theorycrafters and strategists alike are eager to experiment with the revamped item and uncover its full potential on the Rift. Stay tuned for further updates and share your thoughts on which champion stands to benefit the most from these transformative changes.


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