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League of Legends: Everyone Hates the New Mastery Crests

League of Legends: Everyone Hates the New Mastery Crests

League of Legends players were in for a surprise with the unveiling of the new Champion Mastery Badges, and it's safe to say that the reception has been less than enthusiastic. Riot Games had previously teased a new Mastery system, aiming for infinite Mastery levels with badges until Level 10, followed by an infinitely scaling one with your level on it.

However, the recent update on the Mastery crests has left many players feeling disheartened. Described by some as resembling gummy bears, the updated Mastery crests have drawn sharp criticism from the community. While still a work in progress, these crests failed to impress upon their reveal.

The community's discontent is palpable, echoing sentiments of disappointment and disapproval towards the new design. Let us look at what makes these new designs so unattractive for the LoL community.

Overdesigned and Distracting Visuals

The prevailing sentiment among players is one of dissatisfaction with the new crests. Many feel that they are overdesigned and out of place within the game's aesthetic. Critics on reddit argue that the crests appear more suited to a mobile game rather than the immersive world of League of Legends. 

Concerns have also been raised regarding the potential distraction and visual clutter these crests may introduce during gameplay.

Comparison to Current Design

Two characters dueling in an online game

One of the key points of contention is the departure from the current Mastery crest design, which is characterized by its simplicity and stylish animations. Levels 4 to 7 currently boast sleek and visually appealing crests, a stark contrast to the new, bulkier counterparts. Players fear that the introduction of the new crests may disrupt the cohesive visual identity established by the existing design.

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Mastery Spamming

mastery spamming

Another concern raised by players is the perceived length and repetitiveness of the new crests. With the new crests appearing longer, there are worries that champions, particularly those notorious for spamming emotes, will fill matches with incessant crest animations. The prospect of enduring a Yasuo spamming these crests throughout a match is enough to make many players shudder.

Looking Ahead

Despite the overwhelmingly negative response, there remains a glimmer of hope for the Mastery system's evolution. Players are vocalizing their opinions and offering constructive feedback in hopes of influencing future revisions. Suggestions range from retaining the current crest design for levels 8 to 10 to exploring alternative designs that align more closely with the existing aesthetic.

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In conclusion, the unveiling of the new Mastery crests has stirred up a storm of controversy within the League of Legends community. While the prospect of infinite Mastery levels and additional rewards is welcomed, the execution of the new crests has left much to be desired. As Riot Games continues to refine and iterate upon the Mastery system, the community eagerly awaits further developments in the hopes of finding a resolution to this divisive issue.

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