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Best Sova Lineups on Fracture

Best Sova Lineups on Fracture

Sova stands out as one of the top agents in Valorant, particularly excelling in delivering exceptional lineups on various maps. While we've previously provided guidance on optimal Sova lineups for Ascent, navigating his abilities on the Fracture map can pose a challenge for some players due to its relatively recent introduction. That's where our assistance comes into play.

In the realm of Valorant, Sova, an insightful initiator, brings forth a distinctive skill set centered around gathering information and exerting strategic control. The mastery of Sova's lineups becomes imperative for unlocking his full potential on specific maps. Beyond honing the skill itself, precision lies in remembering the specific locations where you need to position yourself and shoot to achieve maximum efficiency.

Whether you find yourself on the attack, defense, or engaged in a retake scenario on the Fracture map, we've got you covered with the best Sova lineups. To efficiently grasp these lineups and more, consider enlisting the expertise of a professional Valorant coach from Eloking. Plus, benefit from an exclusive 20% discount by using the code "BoostToday" for a comprehensive learning experience.

A Site Lineups

A Dish Wall-Bang Lineup

Best Sova Lineups on Fracture - Image 1

Securing control over A Dish is crucial for attackers and defenders alike. This lineup not only grants vision but also enables precise wall-bang potential, giving your team a tactical advantage.


  1. Stand on the left-hand side pillar at the end of the A Dish ramp.
  2. Direct your crosshair at the intersection of the dish and the rope falling on the right.
  3. Charge your Recon Bolt to full capacity and release it.

This lineup exploits the unique geometry of A Dish, allowing the Recon Bolt to penetrate the wall and reveal enemy positions. By aiming at the specific intersection, the arrow provides instant information about opponents lurking near A Dish. 

This intel is not only valuable for attackers planning their push but also for defenders anticipating enemy movements, making it a versatile lineup for both sides.

Gate Near CT Spawn from A Dish

Best Sova Lineups on Fracture - Image 2

Controlling the A Gate is pivotal for both attackers and defenders. This lineup offers a strategic advantage by revealing enemy positions around the A Gate area.


  1. Stand on the right side of the A Dish ramp.
  2. Direct your crosshair towards the lower right bottom of the plank with one bounce.
  3. Charge your Recon Bolt and release it.

By carefully positioning yourself and aiming at the designated spot, the Recon Bolt lands behind the A Gate, providing valuable information about enemy movements. This lineup is especially useful for defenders to anticipate aggressive pushes or for attackers looking to gather intel before executing a site take. Integrating this lineup into your strategy enhances your team's overall map control and adaptability on the A site.

B Site Lineups

B Tree from B Site

Best Sova Lineups on Fracture - Image 3

The B Tree Recon Bolt lineup is a pivotal strategy to gain intelligence on opponents lurking around the towering structure. This allows your team to plan their attack or defense more effectively, especially when dealing with enemies who favor the B Tree position.


By following these steps, the Recon Bolt will soar through the air and land precisely at the B Tree location. This provides your team with valuable information about the enemy's positions, potentially uncovering lurking foes or revealing a setup that can influence your strategic decisions. 

The half-bar charge ensures a swift but accurate deployment, minimizing the risk of detection by the opposing team.

B Site Recon Bolt from B Link

Best Sova Lineups on Fracture - Image 4

The B Site Recon Bolt from B Link is a sophisticated maneuver designed to reveal comprehensive information about the opponents situated on the B Site. This strategic intel is instrumental in shaping your team's approach, be it for a coordinated assault or a well-planned defense.


Executing this lineup ensures the Recon Bolt lands strategically on the B Site, covering a wide area and providing detailed information about enemy positions. The placement behind the camera ensures the arrow's trajectory remains unpredictable for opponents, enhancing its effectiveness. This intel empowers your team to make informed decisions, whether it be initiating a coordinated push or fortifying your defenses against an impending assault.

By incorporating these B Site Recon Bolt lineups into your Sova repertoire, you enhance your team's chances of success on Fracture, making you a formidable force on the battlefield. Practice these lineups diligently to ensure consistent and precise execution in the heat of the game.


Why are Recon Bolt lineups crucial on Fracture's B Site?

Recon Bolt lineups on Fracture's B Site are crucial for gaining strategic intelligence. The intricate layout and multi-level platforms of the site make it challenging to gather information manually. A well-placed Recon Bolt provides your team with vital details on enemy positions, enabling more informed decision-making during engagements on the B Site.

What's the best way to learn these lineups?

The most effective way to master these Recon Bolt lineups is through consistent practice in custom games or during warm-ups. Additionally, seeking guidance from experienced coaches can significantly expedite the learning process. 
Eloking, a renowned coaching service, offers invaluable insights and personalized training to elevate your Sova gameplay. Use code "BoostToday" to avail a 20% discount on Eloking's coaching services, making it an accessible and impactful resource for players looking to enhance their skills on Fracture and beyond.

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