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Valorant's Mystbloom skin bundle revealed

Valorant's Mystbloom skin bundle revealed

Riot’s golden FPS game Valorant continues to pump out cosmetics that players can’t wait to get their hands on. The newest bundle revealed is called the Mystbloob skin bundle, and while it might be a little controversial for some players thanks to its Spring theme, a majority of players absolutely love it.

Today, we’ll go through everything you need to know about Valorant’s Mystbloom skin bundle. This includes what the skin bundle entails and what players will acquire once they buy this bundle. Naturally, we’ll also tell you when the Mystbloom bundle will be made available in the Valorant store.

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What are skin bundles in Valorant?

Collection of colorful futuristic neon-lit gaming weapons

Every so often, Riot Games releases premium skin bundles for Valorant, which have a collection of cosmetic items for players to show off. These bundles are always themed, so every skin in one always looks similar. Not only that, but they also have unique sound effects and animations, which help them stand out from other bundles and skins in the game.

What weapons and accessories does the Mystbloom skin bundle include?

Elegant fantasy rifle with pink and golden design against a magical background

The new trailer for the Mystbloom skin bundle showcases all of the weapons and accessories found in it, including one of the coolest knife skins we've seen in a while. The weapons in the bundle are:

The accessories present in it are:

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What does the Mystbloom skin bundle look and sound like?

Fantasy game character holding a floral-patterned weapon, facing opponents on a sandy battleground

The Mystbloom skins are all pink, similar to the famous Japanese Cherry Blossom trees. Some players have complaints about how they dislike the default pink color, but the trailer showcased numerous variants that can change it up. The trailer reveals that the other colors in the weapons besides pink are Orange, Blue/Gold, and Purple/White.

The trailer also revealed that these new skins have their sound effects and kill animations, similar to other premium bundles like the recent Primordium bundle. In Mystbloom’s case, the new muzzles sound like the perfect blend of space shooters and plants. 

The little kill feed icon represents a blooming flower that opens up with every kill. Finally, in the final kill animation, the opponent is engulfed in a lotus-like flower, while even more flowers are growing everywhere on the ground, making the map look like a garden during spring.

The reloading animation of the skins is similar to the ones in Kuronami skins. The player holds a flower in one hand and then transfers it to the weapon's center. When inspecting the weapon, it looks like energy is flowing across the gun from the sight to the muzzle.


How much does the Msytbloom skin bundle cost?

Riot Games hasn't revealed how much the Mystbloom skin bundle will cost, but it will most likely be on the expensive side, considering it's a premium bundle. Like other premium bundles, the Mystbloom pack will probably set players back by 8700VP, which is about $80.

Even if the bundle is expensive, the skins will most likely show up sometime after its release in the Night Market, where players can purchase some of them individually at a discount. 

When will the Mystbloom skin bundle come out?

Although Riot Games hasn’t announced when players will see the Mystbloom bundle in their shops, players expect it to drop on April 30, 2024, so the skins launch alongside Episode 8 Act 3. 

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