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Best League of Legends Settings For ADCs 2023

Best League of Legends Settings For ADCs 2023

There are many different roles in League of Legends, and all of them play completely differently from one another. Therefore, it's only expected that the best settings for one role will not be the best settings for the others. Today, we want to focus on the ADC, or attack damage carry role, as it's the most popular role and many claim it has the biggest potential too.

Most of the best settings for ADC champions involve settings that either make the appearance better or the overall performance of the game. We'll be going through the best graphic, sound, keyboard, HUD, and chat settings today. All of the settings we go through will be those that are most generally accepted by players.

If you were curious what the best settings for ADCs are then you couldn't be at a better place than this.

Resolution and Graphics Settings

Graphics and resolution can actually impact your performance in a game of LoL


The visual experience in League of Legends plays a pivotal role in how players perceive the game world and make quick decisions during intense matches. As an Attack Damage Carry (ADC), having a clear and visually appealing interface can make a significant difference in your performance on the Rift. 

One of the first settings to consider is your screen resolution. A resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p) is a popular choice among players. This resolution strikes a balance between visual quality and smooth gameplay, providing you with a clear view of the action while maintaining a high frame rate.

Graphics settings also play a crucial role in determining the overall visual quality and performance of the game. While the temptation to crank up the settings to the maximum might be there, it's important to find a balance between aesthetics and performance. High settings might look stunning, but they could impact your frame rate during intense team fights, affecting your ability to react swiftly.

It's important to note that the optimal settings can vary depending on your computer's hardware capabilities. While aiming for high-quality visuals is ideal, ensuring a smooth and consistent frame rate is paramount. As an ADC, you rely on split-second reactions to dodge skill shots, kite enemies, and position yourself optimally in team fights. Thus, aim to strike the right balance between resolution, graphics quality, and performance.

Sound Settings

While visual cues play a crucial role, the auditory dimension of the game should not be underestimated. Sound settings can be a game-changer for ADC players, allowing them to react to enemy movements, ability usage, and team communication with precision and finesse.

From the distant rumble of a dragon's wings to the telltale rustling of an enemy jungler in the nearby brush, these auditory indicators offer valuable information about map activity. By adjusting your sound settings to a comfortable level and wearing headphones, you can immerse yourself fully in the game environment, enhancing your overall awareness of your surroundings.

The cacophony of combat can sometimes overwhelm players, making it difficult to differentiate between crucial audio cues and background noise. ADC players should pay particular attention to the sounds of ability casts, champion footsteps, and the distinctive sounds associated with major game objectives. By fine-tuning the sound settings to emphasize these cues, you can ensure that you're immediately alerted to critical actions that may affect your positioning and decision-making.

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Keyboard Settings

As with all tactical games, having good keybinds on your keyboard is essential, specially for LoL


The arrangement of keybindings and hotkeys on your keyboard is the foundation of efficient gameplay. ADCs rely heavily on basic attacks, making it crucial to have the attack command bound to a comfortable and easily accessible key. A key close to your fingers' natural resting position can enable rapid and accurate execution of basic attacks during the heat of battles. 

Additionally, setting up keybindings for specific abilities and summoner spells ensures quick access when you need them the most. Customizing these bindings to suit your hand's size and shape can optimize your response time in crucial situations. One more thing you should definitely do to play as an ADC is turn on quick casting as every second counts for this role.

Attack-move, an essential technique for ADCs, allows you to maintain precise positioning while continually attacking enemies. Assigning attack-move to a convenient key, such as the "A" key, enables smoother kiting and chasing scenarios. By alternating between moving and attacking, you can keep a safe distance from threats while still dishing out damage.

In the heat of battle, activating items like Blade of the Ruined King or summoner spells like Heal or Barrier can turn the tide of a fight. Assigning these items and spells to easily reachable keys can streamline your ability to execute them quickly and effectively. Customizing keybindings for these critical actions helps you avoid fumbling during critical moments and enables you to focus on your positioning and damage output.

HUD Settings

One of the first steps in enhancing your HUD settings is adjusting the size and placement of its components. As an ADC, you need unobstructed visibility of essential elements like the minimap, health bars, and ability icons. Resizing these elements and relocating them to strategic positions on your screen can provide a cleaner view of the action without sacrificing necessary information. Experiment with different configurations to determine what suits your preferences best.

ADCs often rely on summoner spells and active items to ensure their survival and contribute to team fights. It's paramount that these tools are easily accessible during critical moments. Consider binding your summoner spells and active items to convenient hotkeys that enable swift execution. Whether it's a flash, heal, or an essential item like a Quicksilver Sash, having them readily available can make a substantial difference in your gameplay.

Chat and Communication

Awareness on communication is also important in LoL


The chat box, while intended for strategizing and coordination, can sometimes become a source of distraction and frustration. For ADC players, who need razor-sharp focus to position themselves perfectly and deal optimal damage, managing the chat effectively can be a game-changer.

One way to streamline your gameplay experience as an ADC is by muting the all-chat function. All-chat, while occasionally entertaining, can often lead to unnecessary distractions or even tilt-inducing interactions with opponents. By muting all-chat, you can keep your attention solely on the game, allowing you to process vital information without any extraneous noise. 

This decision doesn't impede your ability to communicate with your team through pings or in-game messages, ensuring that your attention remains focused on the task at hand.

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