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Best Teams to Win Valorant Premier Matches

Best Teams to Win Valorant Premier Matches

With Valorant Premier, the most competitive game mode that non professional players can play, finally having been added to the worldwide playlist, players have been putting together teams in order to try their hand at winning the end of season playoffs. However, have you ever wondered which teams of agents give you the best chance of winning Valorant Premier matches?

When it comes to the best team to win Valorant Premier matches, you have to keep in mind that every map has a different recommended team. For example, while we would recommend a team of Killjoy, Skye, Jett, Omen, and Breach for a map like Haven, for Pearl we would recommend Neon, Astra, Fade, Kay/O, and Cypher.

Because there isn’t just one best team composition to play if you want to win Valorant Premier matches, we’ll be going through some of the best combinations so you and your team could pick the one that suits you best.

Team Composition #1: Neon, Astra, Fade, Kay/O, and Cypher

Mystic female character casting a glowing purple spell in a game

The first team composition that’s bound to help you win Valorant Premier matches consists of Neon, Astra, Fade, Kay/O, and Cypher. This combination is highly recommended for large maps that might have multiple entry points for opponents to flank you. For a good example of a map like this, look no further than Pearl or Lotus. In these types of maps, map control and team coordination are a must, and we believe this team can pull both of these things off.

For starters, we have Fade and Cypher, who are perhaps the best information gatherers for large maps because of their utilities and ultimates. Cypher is especially useful as he can reveal the enemies, and you can even potentially buff his ultimate to use the ability twice.

Next comes Astra, who’s useful both when defending and when attacking. When attacking, she can use her use her stars to root our enemies from hard to reach locations or from dangerous angles, allowing her teammates to finish the job. When she’s defending, she can team up with the team’s resident staller, Kay/O to stall enemies from entering locations, pushing, or planting. Time is easily the most important factor when it comes to competitive Valorant matches, and these two can help your team get time on your side.

Finally, there’s Neon, who plays the duelist of the team. Because of her excellent speed and ability to secure sites by limiting the vision of enemy agents, both with her walls and stuns, she can be an excellent asset to the team and bring some much needed offensive power.

Struggling to win? Bad teammates? Steam Nose Emoji
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Team Composition #2: Killjoy, Viper, Sage, Chamber, Sova

Futuristic warrior wielding a glowing energy bow

The next team composition we want to go through consists of Killjoy, Viper, Sage, Chamber, Sova. Some of you might recognize this specific lineup of agents as the same one various professionals use in pro league matches, so that should give you an idea of how good of a composition this is, even though it doesn’t have a duelist.

What’s there not to like about it, after all? Viper is perhaps the most important pick here as she’s able to build walls in order to block off vision and points of entry for the enemy agents. Pair her up with Chamber, who could teleport to pick off agents, and you have yourself a VERY dangerous duo for unsuspecting players for both attacking and defending.

Killjoy and Viper have the ability to stall any enemy agent when either defending or post plant. Because of their utilities being perfect for holding down small places, we would recommend this team composition the most for maps where there are fewer entry points and the overall corridors are not that wide.

Of course, how could we forget the backbone of this composition, Sova. With the coverage of his recon bolts along with his drones being able to gather information about the enemy agents, he’s the best initiator for the job. 

If you’re someone who also loves to witness insane clutch moments, then the moment every single agent of this team has their ultimate ready, you just might become part of a viral video on TikTok. Yes, that’s how much potential this composition has. Professionals don’t use this composition so often for nothing after all.

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