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Counter-Strike 2: Why Can’t I Trade Up?

Counter-Strike 2: Why Can’t I Trade Up?

Counter-Strike 2 might be one of the biggest online FPS games around, but it still has its fair share of problems. Case in point, the issue that stops CS2 players from trading up and acquiring weapons and skins of better rarity and cost. It isn't as much an issue as it is a lack of information, and we'll change that here.

There aren't many reasons that prevent a user from trading. Most of the time, the restriction is due to some rule and if the user can understand this they can use the feature without any hurdle.

So, if you're interested in learning everything there is to know about trading up in CS2, keep reading! Another thing many people don't have enough info on is hiring a professional-level booster from Eloking. But you now know that you can use the code "BoostToday" for a 20% discount on all CS2 services.

What is a Trade-up Contract?

First-person shooter game action scene in a sunlit urban environment

A Trade Up contract is a feature that enables gamers to trade their weapons and skins with ones that have higher rarity or grade. Players can trade their skins for high-tier skins, but winning a desired item is not guaranteed. Gamers win big time but risk losing their high-grade items while doing so.

The feature involves an element of excitement based on a high-risk, high-reward principle. Some different methods and strategies can result in better items and mean a lot for the community they make or break a situation. This isn't surprising as many rare and high-grade skins can act as online assets, which can be sold or brought for money.

How does the Trade-up Mechanic work?

Trade Up has some basic steps and implementation. The user needs ten skins to use this feature and must abide by specific rules. The mechanic is easy to use but players must go through some basic steps. The following basic steps are required for a successful Trade Up:

Determine the Targeted Collection: 

First, decide the skin you are looking for. Confirm the collection it belongs to because you will need to provide ten skins from the same collection.

Collect Low-tier Skins:

To Trade Up, collect low-tier skins for the targeted collection. You will need to collect ten skins to use this feature.

Go ahead with the Trade Up:

After collecting ten skins, use the Trade Up option in the inventory menu. Add the skins and use the confirm button to proceed. You might get a high-tier rare skin for the targeted collection or might get a normal skin.

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Factors Affecting the Trade-up Mechanic

Some rules determine how Trade Up works and these rules also affect the outcomes in most cases. For example, players must have ten skins for trading and all the skins must belong to a specific collection. The skin condition and tier also matter when trading. The following rules must be considered when trading:

Do Not Use Different Collections:

Trade Up can not be executed effectively by adding skins from different collections. All skins must belong to a single collection for Trade Up if you need the targeted skin.

Same Grade Quality:

While trading, all ten skins should have the same grade quality. Using skins of the same grade will get you skins with a higher grade.

Exterior Condition of Skin:

Trade Up also considers the exterior condition of the skin. You can use Factory New skins with Battle-Scarred, but using skins with similar conditions increases your chance.

Rarity Tiers Matter:

The tier of your items matters a lot. You can not use an item from one tier and expect to get an item from a high tier. There are many rarity tiers like Industrial Grade, Restricted, Classified, and, Mil-Spec. The highest tier added will determine the tier of the item you win.

Why Can't I Trade Up

Detailed view of a digital game inventory showcasing various weapons and skins

There can be different reasons preventing you from using this feature. Most of the time, some restrictions are preventing you from trading. These are the things to remember when trading so there is no hurdle:

Excluded Items: 

There are some grades that players can not win in a Trade Up and due to this reason, the items belonging to these types can not be used as input. These include contraband skins, consumer-grade skins, weapon-grade knives, and consumer-grade skins.

StatTrak and non-StatTrak skins: 

Players can only use items belonging to StatTrack or non-StatTrack skins separately. Both types can not be used in a single trade.

Skin Rarity:

Players must ensure that they have skins with high enough rarity to trade. Even if they have the required numbers, sometimes their skins don't meet the rarity level required, preventing them from trading.

Contract Restrictions:

The Trade Up contract feature has certain time restrictions. These restrictions put a limit on the number of trades that a player can execute every week. Players need to wait for a specific time before reusing the feature or need to reach a required trade level to unlock the Trade Up contract.

What’s next?

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