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CS2 Rating Vs Premier: What's the Difference?

CS2 Rating Vs Premier: What's the Difference?

CS2 is finally out, and there are a bunch of things new and old players alike have to learn. However, one thing that is very likely to stump everyone at first is how there are seemingly two ranked modes. Those ranked modes are CS2 Rating and Premier modes, and we're here to clear up any confusion about them.

CS2 introduces two distinct competitive modes, each with its unique features and challenges. Premier mode utilizes the CS Rating system, which accounts for player performance and employs a pick and ban system for maps. On the other hand, Competitive mode retains the classic map selection process but introduces map-specific ranks, allowing players to demonstrate their prowess on a diverse array of maps. 

Worry not as we're about to go through both modes one by one to ensure you're able to tell the differences between them perfectly.

CS2 Premier: Unveiling the CS Rating System

Competitive gaming team standing victorious in a league

The first mode we want to go through is the Premier mode. This is the mode that most players will find completely new and foreign. However, we want to break down everything you need to know about CS2's new premier mode.

Starting from Scratch

When you first embark on your CS2 Premier journey, there won't be any pre-assigned ranks or ratings. Instead, you'll need to participate in a series of placement matches to earn your inaugural CS Rating.

Precision in Placement

The CS Rating system evaluates your performance in Premier matches, factoring in not only wins and losses but also the skill level of your opponents. This sophisticated approach ensures a more accurate assessment of your skills.

The Crucial Ten

To receive your first CS Rating, you must successfully complete a set of ten CS2 Premier matches. This initial rating will serve as the foundation for your future matchmaking experiences.

Earning and Losing

As in any competitive system, wins and losses have a direct impact on your CS Rating. Wins boost your rating, while losses decrease it. Ties, however, can be a nuanced affair, with their effect depending on the expected outcome of the match.

Map Selection Mastery

CS2 Premier incorporates a unique map selection process, where teams engage in a majority rules-based pick and ban system for maps. This dynamic map pool management sets Premier apart from the traditional Competitive mode.

CS2 Competitive: Familiarity with a Twist

Animated gaming team celebrating a victory in a colorful virtual environment

With the Premier mode out of the way, we will now take a closer look at the CS2 competitive mode. This mode honestly doesn't need too much of an explanation as it's the mode most players will be familiar with.

Classic Format

For seasoned Counter-Strike players, CS2 Competitive mode will evoke a sense of nostalgia. It closely resembles the ranked mode from previous iterations of the game, such as CS:GO.

Individual Map Choices

Players have the freedom to individually select the maps they want to queue for, mirroring the traditional map selection process that CS veterans are accustomed to.

Map-Specific Ranks

One of the most significant departures from convention in CS2 Competitive is the introduction of map-specific ranks. Your performance and rank on one map do not directly affect your rank on another. This novel approach encourages players to showcase their skills across a variety of maps within the CS2 map pool.

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Choosing Between Premier and Competitive

Screenshot of a game interface showing a selection of multiplayer map options

The choice between CS2 Premier and CS2 Competitive ultimately boils down to your gaming preferences and goals. Of course, you could always just play both of the game modes at once too if you want since there aren't any restrictions on which mode you have to play.

CS2 Premier is an excellent choice if you prefer a more comprehensive evaluation of your skills. The CS Rating system takes into account your performance in placement matches and ensures a balanced matchmaking experience. If you enjoy strategic map pool management and want to test your skills against opponents of varying ratings, Premier is the way to go.

CS2 Competitive, on the other hand, appeals to players who appreciate the classic Counter-Strike experience. The familiarity of individual map selection and the addition of map-specific ranks offer a traditional yet fresh approach. If you want to hone your skills on specific maps and potentially specialize in certain areas, Competitive mode is your ideal choice.

Of course, regardless of what game mode you choose to go for, or if you opt to play CS2 on FACEIT instead, we have you covered. Eloking offers high quality boosting services for all three ranks and we guarantee that we're the best of the best.

What’s next?

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