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How to Get Masterwork Chests in League of Legends?

How to Get Masterwork Chests in League of Legends?

Masterwork Chests in League of Legends are perhaps the rarest yet best types of container loot drops players can get in the game. Not only can they drop some extremely rare skins, but the chances of acquiring low-value champions and skins are relatively low, making it more likely that you'll get something you actually want.

However, unlike regular chests, the method of acquiring Masterwork Chests in League of Legends is rather different. Worry not, as we'll be going through everything you need to know about these chests, including how to get them and the goodies you can expect to find in them.

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What Are Masterwork Chests?

Three magical cubes glowing and breaking apart in stages

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, describes Masterwork Chests as the "highest-quality crafting items available," curated and approved by the master craftsman Ornn. To open these chests, you'll need a Hextech Key, adding an extra layer of excitement and anticipation to the unlocking process.

These chests are significantly more valuable than the regular chests you likely acquired by simply playing the game, which is why they cost more too. You can expect to see some pretty good goodies in them when you open them by either buying or crafting a Hextech Key.

How to get Masterwork Chests?

Various packages of Masterwork chests and key bundles in a video game

Now that you know what Masterwork Chests are, how can you get your hands on them? Well, it's important to keep in mind that because these chests are more valuable than the regular chests you get by scoring an S- or higher with a champion, you shouldn't expect to get a Masterwork Chest without spending some money.

These premium chests come with a price tag of 165 RP each, or players can opt for a bundle of 11 chests and keys for 2250 RP. While the cost is relatively modest, it's essential to consider whether the potential rewards justify the expenditure.

Some players have reportedly received Masterwork Chests as drops for playing well in normal LoL matches, though there isn't any official information regarding this. If you get a Masterwork Chest for free then there's either an event going on that rewards players with this premium chest or you're somehow just very lucky.

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The Contents of Masterwork Chests

Golden mystery chest on a dark gaming interface

Masterwork Chests boast a diverse range of contents, making them an enticing option for players seeking exclusive in-game items. Skins, ward skins, emotes, mythic essence, and orange essence are among the treasures waiting to be uncovered. Riot Games has designed Masterwork Chests to prioritize champion skins, with a high drop chance of 70%. This sets them apart from standard Hextech Chests, which may offer a broader mix of rewards, including champion shards and ward skins.

Before diving headfirst into acquiring Masterwork Chests, it's crucial to be aware of the random nature of the rewards. While the chests promise premium content, there is still a chance of receiving duplicates of skins or emotes you already own. This element of chance introduces an aspect of risk and highlights the importance of evaluating whether the potential rewards align with your preferences.

Can Masterwork Chests Grant Prestige Skins?

Dynamic female warrior in action pose against a futuristic city backdrop

One burning question for many players is whether Masterwork Chests have the chance to unlock prestigious skins. The answer, as clarified by Riot Games, is no. Both Masterwork and Hextech Chests do not contain prestige skins in League of Legends. It's essential to manage expectations and understand that these chests focus on delivering high-quality content without delving into the realm of the most exclusive and prestigious skins.

What’s next?

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