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LoL Best Support Champions for Beginners


League of Legends, the insanely popular MOBA by Riot Games has a bunch of champions to pick from. So much so that beginners can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer possibilities. Fortunately, there are some champions that are better suited for beginners than others regardless of what role you’re planning on playing. For example, the support role.

There are many support champions that are better suited for beginners, such as Soraka, who has the ability to heal teammates regardless of where they are on the map. Sona is also a good beginner support champion, along with Janna and Nami. However, perhaps the easiest to play support champion is Yuumi.

We’ll be going through five of the easiest to play support champions, from least to most beginner friendly so that you can find the perfect support champion for yourself.

#5: Soraka

There are many reasons Soraka is played by so many casual or beginner League of Legends players. For starters, neither of her damage abilities requires you to accurately position your mouse, as they damage the general area you target. While her Q is rather small, it has the benefit of restoring some of your mana when it hits an enemy.

Her E, however, almost instantly summons a huge purple circle that damages any enemy champion standing on it, along with silencing them. If the said enemy champion stays on it, they’ll eventually get rooted. Meanwhile, her W is a rather straightforward ability that sacrifices a portion of Soraka’s own health to restore the health of the targetted ally champion.

However, the reason so many players play her is her ultimate ability. When cast, every single ally champion has some of their health restored instantly. Although the amount recovered depends on multiple factors such as the level and ability power of Soraka, just the fact that it can be cast from anywhere and has the potential to instantly turn the tide of battle in the team’s favor is impressive enough.

#4: Janna

Better keep your hats on because Janna the weather lady is here. Janna’s best and most commonly used ability is definitely her Q, which summons a tornado that can either be charged up or sent out instantly toward a specific direction, damaging and knocking up any enemy champion unfortunate enough to be in its way. The most used strategy is to charge up the Q tornado in a bush so the enemy doesn’t see it coming. No, this wasn’t a Persona 5 reference.

Her W is a hit or miss amongst League players. On one side, players love the fact that not only is it a sure hit damaging ability that slows the enemy champion, but it also has a passive feature that makes Janna ghosted which gives her extra movement speed as long as the ability is not on cooldown. However, other players feel as though it’s too different from her other abilities.

Her E is a rather generic shielding ability that’s able to shield either herself, an ally champion, or even an ally turret. It also has an added passive ability that makes it so that every time Janna slows or knocks up an enemy (which her W and Q do respectively) she gains 15% shield and heal power for 4 seconds.

Finally, Janna’s ultimate unleashes a blast of wind that knocks back any enemy in her proximity range, which is 875 units. She also channels for 3 seconds before unleashing her ability which heals nearby allies every 0.25 seconds. Truly a definitive support champion.

#3: Nami

Up next on the list of the best support champions for beginners is Nami. Nami, like Janna, has all her abilities focused on being the perfect support for her other ally champions, which we feel makes it better for beginners as it’s the only thing they have to focus on.

Whether it be landing her Q perfectly so that any enemy champion caught up in it gets stunned, and thus becomes an easy target for her ADC, or using her W to unleash a stream of water that bounces from enemy to ally, damaging one and healing the other. Who gets what treatment we’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Nami’s E is also a very easy to use yet helpful support move, as it empowers an ally. An empowered ally’s spells and basic attacks not only do more damage to enemies, but they also hey slowed.

Last but definitely not least is her ultimate, which is a huge tidal wave that knocks up, slows, and damages any enemy that gets caught up in it. Chances are a lot of enemies will be getting caught in it as the range and wideness of the wave is insanely good.

#2: Sona

Sona is easily one of the easiest champions to play in the game because most of her abilities don’t require players to aim at all. First comes her Q which sends two bolts of musical magical energy dealing magic damage to two nearby enemies. Sona gains a temporary aura that grants allies tagged by the zone bonus damage on their next attack against enemies.

Now, pay attention because you’ll notice a pattern here. While Sona’s Q damages two enemies, her W sends a musical magical bolt of energy healing Sona and a nearby wounded ally. Sona gains a temporary aura that grants allies tagged by the zone a temporary shield.

Any guesses what her E does? Well, if you guessed that it sends magical musical bolts of energy then you were wrong. Instead, it just summons a temporary zone that increases the movement speed of herself as well as any ally champion that gets tagged by the zone.

Now, while the other three abilities didn’t require players to aim at all, what sets her ultimate apart is that it actually has you aim toward the general direction of where you want Sona to unleash the ultimate cord that stuns and damages all enemies that come in contact with it all the while reducing the cooldown of her other abilities.

#1: Yuumi

Come on, you know the cat was going to be on this list. After all, Yuumi is infamous for being the easiest character to use in the game, so much so that many players claim it’s possible to play her with just one hand too. Of course, this is mostly because she has the ability to stick to any ally champion (her W), after which she’ll go wherever that champion decides to go. When attached to a champion Yuumi can only be targetted by turrets.

Naturally, just like other champions, she also has abilities she can cast while stuck to another champion. First is her Q which is a projectile attack that can also be controlled by the player’s cursor. The first enemy it hits gets damaged, plus it can also slow and deal extra damage if the attack hits after more than one second of being cast.

Then comes her E which is as straightforward as it can be. As soon as you press it, Yuumi’s attack speed and movement speed both get boosted. If the Yuumi is attached to a champion, however, then those buffs get transferred to them instead.

Finally, her ultimate attack is the reason so many players who have faced her in battle utterly despise this champion. Yuumi channels seven waves of damage, rooting anyone hit by three or more. This isn’t why it’s so annoying, though it’s part of it. The biggest factor that makes it infuriating is the fact that Yuumi can move, attach, and cast her E while channeling. We can’t think of a more beginner friendly support than Yuumi.

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