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8 Tips to Help You Win All Your LoL Season 13 Placement Matches


Every time a new season comes out and every player’s ranks get reset, League of Legends players all around the world collectively start praying to their lucky stars, hoping that this time elokthey’re able to win most if not all of their placement matches.

After all, there’s no better time than the start of the season to get a strong start, as how you begin your rank usually hints at how you could expect the rest of the season to go for you.

We’re here to give those types of players some tips that are guaranteed to help you win all of your matches. Granted, of course, you’re able to follow them all in addition to applying your own luck and skill.

1: Don’t Play if You’re Tired

Look, we get it. When you see that you have some placement matches left, and you’ve been on a winning streak, then you feel like continuing even if you’re barely able to keep your eyes open because of sleep.

Well, this is something we definitely don’t recommend. A tired mind is an unalert mind, and in addition to you probably not being able to play at full capacity, you’ll also be more prone to get tilted if you’re already tired.

2: Always Prioritize Playing With People You Know

League of Legends is a game where you can’t win alone, even if you’re literally the best player ever. This is because the game is, at its core, team based. Now, wouldn’t it be better if every time you were playing well, you could sit easy knowing that there were others on your team who were also trying their best to win?

Perhaps the worst thing about playing with randoms is the potential of there being trolls, feeders, or all around toxic players who play only to ruin the experience for others.

If you don’t know anyone who plays the game, then don’t worry, as we got you covered. Eloking has a teammate system that you can take advantage of to ensure you have the best possible players on your team. If you aren’t sold on this yet and want to learn more about it, then here’s the LoL teammate system by Eloking explained.

3: Avoid Playing Your Placement Matches on Weekends

When playing your placement match on weekends, although you’ll notice you have to barely wait in a queue when searching, there’s a good reason for this. You see, a bunch of casual players and kids usually are able to play the game exclusively on the weekends.

Because of this, chances are you might get paired up with players who are rusty, or who don’t get enough time to play League of Legends to take their placement matches seriously. Playing with people who aren’t serious about their ranks while trying to win all placement matches will only end up hurting your rank and mentality.

4: Try to be Understanding

We understand that it might become increasingly frustrating to see your teammates not performing at all, especially when you’re out there killing it (and killing the enemy champions too).

However, being unnecessarily toxic in chat will only negatively affect your chances of winning the match. Not only will it decrease the overall morale of the team, but if you start getting too carried away, you might find your account suspended the following day.

Instead, try to be supportive and understanding. If you notice a teammate of yours is apologizing for their performance in chat, then tell them to just try their best and boost their morale.

5: Play an Unranked Before Every Session

Playing an unranked before jumping into a ranked session is something that a bunch of professionals does. There are actually many reasons for this, but the biggest one is that it gets you ranked ready. You’re able to practice your laning, aiming, or ganking, and if it’s been a while since you’ve played, you’re able to get rid of some of that built-up rust.

Additionally, the unranked match can also serve as a sort of test match, especially for your ping and general internet connection. If you’re facing constant ping spikes in the unranked match, then chances are the same will happen to you win you jump on your placement matches, which is a recipe for disaster.

6: Remember to Take Breaks

Some might argue that this and the ‘don’t play if you’re tired’ tip is identical, but it really isn’t. You see, it isn’t necessary for you to get tired when playing too many matches. Instead, there’s a chance that you might unknowingly be getting progressively tilted or frustrated.

Too many losses, terrible teammates, not being able to perform as well as you would have liked, there are so many reasons someone might get frustrated with the game, and because of this it’s important to take breaks every now and then, even when in the middle of a gaming session.

Go outside of your room, get some water, get a bite to eat, get some stretches in, and when you feel like you’re ready to play some more, hop back on your placement matches and win them all.

7: Hire Our Professional Players

Ever heard of the saying why risk doing it yourself when someone else could do it for you? Well, true to the saying, it’s more than possible for you to have a professional Eloking player play all the placement matches for you by placing a placement boost order on our website.

Of course, if you aren’t comfortable with giving your account details to someone else, then that’s all well and good, as we also provide our customers with a duo boosting option, which has our player queue with you instead.

8: Never Give Up

Yes, this might sound a little cliche, but we can’t stress how important it is for you to never give up, whether that be on a match, on your team, or even on yourself. There’s always a way to come out on top, and a match is only over in two instances

Remember, it isn’t over until it’s over.

What’s next?

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