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Valorant: Viper's Secret Stealth Nerfs

Valorant: Viper's Secret Stealth Nerfs

Viper, Valorant's master of chemical warfare, controls the battlefield with suffocating toxins. With a stealthy presence, she disrupts enemy vision and movement. But a recent, unannounced update has come to nerf her abilities, impacting her capability to sneak up on enemies on the battlefield. 

This article dives into the unannounced nerf that reduces the duration of Viper's signature Poison Cloud (Orb) and Toxic Screen (Wall). We'll explore the specifics of the change and its potential impact on Viper's strategic dominance. Not to mention the community's divided response.

So without further delay, let us get right into it!

Reduced Duration of Viper's Orb and Wall

Valorant: Viper's Secret Stealth Nerfs - Image 1

Upon gameplay inspection, it's evident that both the duration of Viper's Orb and her Wall have been reduced from 15 seconds to 13 seconds. This tweak was first noticed on the Valorant Competitive subreddit, where vigilant players pointed out the discrepancy.

When casting Viper's Orb, it now dissipates after approximately 13 seconds instead of the previous 15. Similarly, her Wall also crumbles after 13 seconds, indicating a noticeable reduction in duration.

Individual Timer Adjustment

It's essential to note that this adjustment only affects the individual timers for the Orb and Wall. If both abilities are active simultaneously, they still persist for a combined duration of around 8 seconds, mirroring their previous behavior.

Upon examining a few gameplay examples, the accelerated depletion of Viper's fuel bar can be observed. As the fuel bar depletes more rapidly than before, the difference between the previous and current duration becomes noticeable.

Possible Bug or Intentional Change?

Interestingly, this alteration wasn't documented in the patch notes from Riot Games, prompting speculation among the community. While some suggest it might be a bug, others believe it was an intentional adjustment by the developers. The absence of mention in the patch notes adds to the intrigue surrounding this alteration.

Viper's Competitive Impact

Valorant: Viper's Secret Stealth Nerfs - Image 2

Given Viper's significant presence in competitive play, it's unsurprising that adjustments were made to balance her abilities. However, opinions vary on whether reducing the duration of her Orb and Wall is the most effective approach. Some players question the necessity of this specific nerf and ponder its implications for Viper's viability in future matches.

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In conclusion, Valorant players must adapt to the altered dynamics of Viper's abilities following the recent nerf. Whether this change was intentional or an oversight remains uncertain. However, one thing is clear: Viper's Orb and Wall now have a shorter lifespan on the battlefield, potentially reshaping strategies in the ongoing quest for victory. 

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