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How Does the CS2 Leaderboard Work?

How Does the CS2 Leaderboard Work?

With CS2 finally out, there are a bunch of things both new and old players have to learn if they want to stay up to date. One of the most important things, however, is knowing how the leaderboard system works. After all, who doesn’t want to know how they stack up against some of the best players in the game?

We’re here to answer every question related to the leaderboard in CS2. This includes how you can access it, its significance, as well as other frequently asked questions players tend to have when they first see this updated leaderboard.

Therefore, if you want to learn how the CS2 leaderboard works, keep reading!

The Significance of CS Rating

How Does the CS2 Leaderboard Work? - Image 1

At the heart of the CS2 leaderboard lies a critical metric - your CS Rating. This numerical indicator is a reflection of your overall performance in CS2 Premier mode, the pinnacle of competitive gameplay. 

Your CS Rating isn't just a number; it's your key to the CS2 leaderboard, determining where you stand among global and regional players. To earn your CS Rating, you must actively engage in matches within the updated Premier mode. Whether you prefer solo gameplay or enjoy the camaraderie of playing with friends, your CS Rating is a testament to your skills and dedication.

Accessing the CS2 Leaderboard

How Does the CS2 Leaderboard Work? - Image 2

If you're eager to see how you rank on the CS2 leaderboard and track your CS Rating progress, follow these straightforward steps:

Launch Counter-Strike 2

Start your journey by launching Counter-Strike 2 and navigating to the Premier mode. This mode, known for its Active Duty Pick-Ban competitive gameplay, is where your CS Rating will be forged through fire and strategy.

Compete in Premier Matches

Engage in Premier matches to earn your CS Rating. Each match you participate in contributes to the accuracy of your rating. The more matches you play, the more precise your CS Rating becomes.

Checking the Leaderboard

After accumulating your CS Rating, it's time to check the leaderboard. Your CS Rating will be prominently highlighted in blue, making it easy to identify among the player names. Additionally, you'll notice your rank, which indicates your proximity to the leaderboard's pinnacle.


Take note of the %Rank value displayed on the right side of your CS Rating. This percentage is a valuable reference point, showing you where you stand in comparison to the entire player pool. For instance, if your %Rank is 40, you can proudly claim a spot among the top 40% of players globally.

Who is eligible for Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards?

How Does the CS2 Leaderboard Work? - Image 3

The CS2 leaderboards are a prestigious platform for showcasing your skills, but not everyone qualifies for this honor. Prime Status players who actively participate in Premier matches become eligible for inclusion on public leaderboards if they manage to secure a place among the top 1,000 players in their respective regions. 

However, players without Prime Status, unfortunately, do not meet the eligibility criteria for Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards. Therefore, we recommend you check out this article we wrote on how you can get Prime for free in CS:GO. Who knows, it might work for you here too!

How many leaderboards are there?

How Does the CS2 Leaderboard Work? - Image 4

Counter-Strike 2 ensures diversity by offering nine unique leaderboards, each spotlighting different aspects of your performance and region:

What happens after submitting my leaderboard name?

Once you've selected a name for the leaderboard, it undergoes a meticulous review process by moderation staff. If your chosen name aligns with the guidelines and regulations, it will be approved, and you'll find your name proudly displayed on the leaderboard. 

However, if your name doesn't meet the criteria, your leaderboard name status will be reset, prompting you to submit a new one that adheres to the guidelines.


Can I select which regional leaderboard I appear on?

The regional leaderboard on which you appear is determined by the location of the servers you play on most frequently. Your consistent server choice naturally places you on the corresponding regional leaderboard, where you'll compete with players from your chosen region.

What names are not allowed on Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards?

Counter-Strike 2 leaderboards maintain a level of decorum and professionalism. As such, advertisements of any kind, including websites and software, are strictly prohibited on these leaderboards. 

The moderation staff may deny submissions for various reasons, so when selecting a leaderboard name, it's advisable to adhere to Steam's Community Avatars & Profile Names guidelines to ensure your name complies with the platform's regulations.

Can I change my leaderboard name after it has been approved?

Once your leaderboard name has been approved and locked in, it remains unchanged for the duration of the season. Therefore, choose your name wisely, as it will be your identifier on the CS2 leaderboard throughout the season.

What’s next?

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